What Are The Different Types Of Perfumes?

Compliments in your dress, purse, and shoes are great but compliments on the perfume you are wearing are supreme. A fragrance can remind you of so many sweet memories, places and people. If you wish that everyone remembers you with a great fragrance then choosing the right perfume is important.

With so many types of perfumes available, it can be a tricky choice to land the perfume of your dreams. This article will help you in figuring out different types of perfumes and fragrances that will suit your taste the best. Let’s get started with this guide.

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Types Of Fragrance Families

The very first step is to know about the fragrance families so you can come to a conclusion based on your likings. Since the fragrance chart is quite lengthy, we have curated a list of the most popular fragrances.


If you like vibrant, savory, and refreshing smells then fresh fragrance is perfect for you. Citrus, water, and green notes are the common notes present in this type of fragrance. Aquatic, fruity, green, and spicy fragrances all come under the aromatic family notes.

A blend of herbs and spices that give a cool sensation is green notes. Fresh and exotic notes that are acquired from the floral subfamily are fruity whereas fresh seawater fragrances that give a refreshing feeling are aquatic notes.


Exotic herbs like vanilla and cistus are included in the oriental fragrance family. Oriental smells can be differentiated by the warm and sensual aromas like that of resins and wood. When speaking of oriental fragrances, you instantly imagine the cold and chilly months with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

Some common oriental smells are cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, atlas cedar, and Myrrh. Such fragrances can be floriental when mixed with floral notes, they can be spicy with ingredients like wood and can also be amber with soft notes of amber.


For times when you are looking smoking hot at an evening party, woody fragrances are going to suit you the best. You can consider them either warm or even opulent blends. Pine, patchouli, vetiver, and cedarwood are some of the most common wooden family notes.

Woody fragrances can be combined with aquatic, aromatic, or spicy notes but they will give an earthy and sweet undertone finish. Moreover, woody fragrances give such mysterious as well as luxurious vibes that everyone will definitely want to know what perfume you are wearing.


No matter what weather it is or what occasion you are attending, citrus fragrances are perfect for everything. Such fragrances are often fresh and filled with zest. Lemons, oranges, bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin are some of the common ingredients present in citrus fragrances.

When you wish to wear something refreshing yet fun then go for citrus fragrances. Common subfamilies of this fragrance are aromatic citrus, chypre citrus, gourmand citrus, musky citrus as well as woody citrus. You can go for light fragrances that are not overpowering but are also noticeable.

You might wonder that the application is not limited to clothes, but there are also hair perfumes available on market.

Types Of perfumes

Perfume oils are mixed with alcohol to create a perfume. The concentration of both these ingredients varies in different types of perfumes. Let’s have a look at it.

Eau De Parfum

Also known as EDP, it is the strongest type of perfume that is available. Since this contains 10-20 percent of perfume oil, it lasts for a solid 8 hours or more. This is a very popular choice amongst customers because of its long-lasting nature. You can wear it to your office or when you are traveling as there will be no need of reapplying it for a long time.

Eau De Toilette

EDT contains 5-15 percent perfume oil and is the next highest concentration perfume available. Such fragrances will easily last for up to 4 to 7 hours. Also, another great thing about EDT perfumes is that they do not completely fade away as they leave a nice sweet fragrance behind. You can use these perfumes on multiple occasions like daily wear or if you are going on a picnic.

Eau De Cologne

These fragrances contain only 2-5 percent of perfume oil. If you have heard of body mists or aftershaves that you splash on your body to freshen up, then they fall under this category. However, these fragrances do not last long and will give a hint of smell for just 2-3 hours. For parties, small gatherings, or even if you are just at home, you can use this type of perfume.

Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche has the highest concentration of perfume oil in this category. It contains 1-2 percent of perfume oil that is extremely light. This is perfect for people who are not a fan of strong scents but want a refreshing scent around them that is not overpowering. Such fragrances will last for a few hours and will provide you with a subtle fragrance.  Each perfume brands are specialized in one or more categories of the perfume types.

Fragrance Notes

Before you invest in a perfume, it is important to know and understand the fragrance notes of that particular perfume. Mainly, there are three notes of every fragrance: Top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Top Notes

These are the opening notes of every fragrance. It is that smell that you get immediately after spraying the perfume and also it makes the first impression.

Middle Notes

Also known as heart notes, this is the smell that appears when the top notes disappear. Plus, these notes are considered to be the main body of the perfume.

Base Notes

Base notes last the longest and are the notes that you actually remember. It mixes with the middle notes to create the full body of the perfume.

These were the types of perfumes and the fragrance families. We hope that this article helped you in understanding the confusing differences in perfumes. Choose the perfume that speaks of your personality and liking. After all, you are never completely dressed for any occasion if you are not wearing a great perfume.

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