Lose Weight By Spraying This Perfume…Schweeet!

Are you tired to trying to lose weight the traditional way? Is eating right and exercising just too much of a hassle for you? Would you prefer to lose weight the effortless way? If so, I’ve got the solution for you. It’s the world’s first weight loss fragrance. This is a perfume that will literally make the pounds just melt away. All you have to do is spray it on your “problem areas” several times a day or whenever you feel stressed, tired or not yourself (which can often lead to overeating).

The French perfume, called Prends-Moi (“Take Me” in French), will release B-endorphins which will make you feel goooood. You’ll feel a sense of wellbeing and comfort which will counteract the urge to overeat and trigger the perfume’s slimming effect. Surprisingly, 82% of women who tried this perfume say it really does give them a sense of comfort. And, believe it or not, there are over 6,000 women in the UK who are on the waiting list to receive this product (demand is higher than production right now).

If you want to lose weight, and if you are considering buying this, you might want to snag more than one bottle since you have to spray it several times during the day. At $42 a bottle, that could get expensive fast, but hey, at least no more diet and exercise, right? You can buy this perfume at Prends-Moi. I guess some women will try anything to lose weight. I remember a couple years ago I bought this Burner Balm lip balm. It claimed that using it on your lips would give you a beach body. I put it on my lips every day and waited for my bikini body to magically appear. Pffft… All I got was puffy lips instead. Nah, do you really think I’m that stupid? I’d buy this perfume though. I mean, regardless of the weight loss effect, it sounds like it could also be marketed as a stress reliever. I’d check it out. There, I said it.

The World’s First Fragrance That Helps You Lose Weight


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