What Is A Good Ironing Board?

Apart from being available in several brands, ironing boards come in different types, including a full-size ironing board, a tabletop ironing board, and a built-in ironing board. That said, settling for a good ironing board can be a daunting task – unless you know exactly the features of one. But what are these features? Let’s take a look.

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A good board for ironing must have a proper ventilation system. This is because, during ironing, steam is generated by the household iron. Well, this steam should escape in a perfect way without spoiling your clothes/fabric or, worse, burning you. The ventilation system of an ironing board comes in the form of vent holes found on the material used to make the ironing board. It can also be in the form of well-spaced perforations.

Adjustable Height

In our opinion, a perfect ironing board is one, which is adjustable. An adjustable ironing board is a good one since it improves ergonomics. It allows you to set it at the perfect height for easy and comfortable ironing. What’s more, such an ironing board can be used by different people. All you need to do is to manipulate the height a little, and you are good to go.

Ironing Surface

The length and width determine an ironing surface. A premium ironing board has a well-sized ironing surface. This type of ironing surface is neither too large to the extent that it takes a fair amount of space nor too narrow to make proper ironing somewhat impossible. The surface of a good board for ironing is in such a way that it accommodates different sizes of clothes and fabrics without being obtrusive.

Iron Rest

Most ironing boards do not have this feature because their manufacturers think that it is simply not essential. However, good brands have it. The iron rest is a wire rack or platform, which is attached to the rear of the board. It comes in handy when you want to rest your iron and temporarily stop ironing.

Besides, an iron rest is regarded as a safety feature because it prevents accidental burns as well as ensuring that your iron is not damaged. In some ironing boards, iron rest is detachable, while in others, it is a fold-out or pull-out accessory.

It is imperative that when measuring the size of an ironing board, you measure the iron rest as well. This is because an iron rest takes a decent amount of space; hence, it may limit you when it comes to setting up your ironing board in a particular room.


The cover of the best board for ironing is always of good quality. This kind of protection has thick, excellent padding to allow you to press your clothes much better during ironing. Furthermore, the cover usually is non-stick to make sure clothes do not stick to the board while ironing them.

Some of these covers are also reflective, meaning they are capable of sending heat back through the fabrics or clothes to ensure quick and effortless ironing. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that clothes with delicate fabrics should never be ironed on reflective covers because the reflected heat can damage or ruin them.


For an ironing board to be regarded as a good one, it must have certain features that are not there in other brands. Well, we have talked about some of these features in this piece. That being said, if you didn’t know how to spot a good board for ironing, we hope you now know.

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