What Is The Hardest Thing You Will Wrap For Christmas?

After Halloween, the next big holiday to look forward to is Christmas. Well, that is, unless you live in the United States and you celebrate Thanksgiving. I love the Christmas season. The streets become all lit up, and the houses and buildings are adorned with Christmas decorations. You can hear Christmas carols as early as October, and they get more frequent in stores and on the radio in November. Christmas is a big holiday for our family. We may not have Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree at home because of the cats we have (they tend to topple over everything and chew on the Christmas lights), but the spirit is truly alive in our household.

We grew up celebrating Christmas with lots of food and presents throughout the holiday season. I remember my parents not allowing us to go inside one of the rooms in the house since all the presents were in there waiting to be wrapped. I remember us being so thrilled when the Christmas tree was up, and we found our gifts underneath it. We would try to figure out and even play a guessing game as to which presents were ours. Of course, we never really got to find out until Christmas day. I guess the fun was always in wrapping the presents. I do different types of wrappings and have even mastered wrapping the uneven shaped packages. What is the hardest thing you will wrap for Christmas this year?

A friend shared with me this video that I found very funny and cute at the same time. Imagine if you had a friend that wanted a cat for Christmas. How would you send the fur ball to your friend? The kitty in this video is so sweet, and it is quite unusual for them to allow a human to wrap them up for Christmas. See for yourself and wait for that smile and a giggle! I loved it, and I hope you like it too!