What Makes A True Friend Stand Out From The Crowd?

We make many friends throughout the course of our lives and while some last the test of time, some don’t. It’s natural for friends to drift apart, be that from facing a physical distance or a change in interests or values.

A healthy friendship can improve your happiness, increase social interaction, help bring new people into your life, and generally have a positive impact on your well-being. Unfortunately, a toxic friendship can have the opposite effect, making you feel anxious and unhappy.

So how can we tell a genuine friend from the crowd? Here are some characteristics to look out for.

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They Make You Feel Good

A true friend is someone who makes you feel good when you’re around them. If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else when you’re with them or feeling sad or empty after spending time with them, it’s time to reassess your friendship with that person.

A true friend cares about your feelings and will treat you with kindness and consideration. If a friend gets angry when you aren’t free to meet up or cancels on you when a better opportunity presents itself, they aren’t worth keeping around in your life.

They Accept You For Who You Are

We all have our quirks and little things which make up our individual personalities. A true friend will embrace every part of you and accept you the way you are. They will not try to change you or coerce you into acting or dressing in a certain way.

If a friend makes snide comments about you, they do not deserve your friendship. True friends lift each other up, they don’t tear each other down.

They Never Miss The Important Moments

Whether it’s a promotion, a new home, or a birthday, a true friend will always think of the little things, like sending a card for the important moments in your life. We all lead busy lives and especially as we get older and start our own families, we may not have as much time as we used to. However, a true friend will always prioritize your friendship and make time for you, especially when you’re celebrating an achievement or a special moment.

They Support You And Encourage You To Be Better

If a friend disappears when you’re in need of support or only seems to be in reach when everything’s going well, you have what’s known as a fair-weather friend. A true friend will be there for you no matter what. They will stick around through the hard times, listen when you need to talk, and hold you when you cry.

A true friend will also encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and push you to be better. They will know what you’re good at, possibly better than you know yourself. A true friend will tell you to apply for that job with a higher salary or start that new business venture. They will be excited when new opportunities come your way and cheer you on as you chase your dreams.

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