New Study Shows Most Americans Are Unhappy [Infographic]

This is sad to me. Actually, I think it’s the definition of sad. I live in America, and I’m happy. Do you live here? Are you happy? I guess when I ponder this question more, I realize that most people I know dislike their job, they have an unbalanced life, some of their relationships are in disarray, and they need a vacation. So, perhaps that contributes to the unhappiness found in this recent study.

The last time Gallup did a satisfaction survey in the States, it was 2008. Back then, people were unhappy. However, when they did the same survey in 2011, they found that the unhappiness reached an all time low.

Only 77% of people are satisfied with their overall quality of life. Of course, we have to consider the parameters of the study. Only 1,018 people were questioned for this survey, and it was a telephone survey. If you are like me, you are annoyed when someone calls to survey you on the phone, which in my opinion, could have skewed the answers. How can 1,018 people possibly be a representation of the whole country? According to Gallup, it is with only a +/- 4% error. Since they are experts in their field, I suppose we’ll just have to take their word for it.

This infographic below created by GOOD and Column Five Media details the information in an easy to read format. If you are an unhappy person, here are a few articles which might cheer you up: 10 Reasons to Smile, Happiness is a Choice, The 5 Characteristics of a Happy Person, Add Some Sunshine to Your Life Today!

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Americans Are Unhappy and Dissatisfied