What You Need To Do To Get A Good SHSAT Score

Tests and exams are stress-inducing and often bring out the worst emotions in human beings, as usually test results are in the way of a major goal. Each year, thousands of teenagers take the SHSAT test in hopes to get a score high enough to get them admitted to New York’s specialized high schools. However, only a small percentage of individuals get the desired scores that allow them this kind of elite further education.

Considering that admission to these schools is solely based on the SHSAT scores, it is highly important that one is ready for the exam in order to perform its best. In this article, we will discuss a few ways on how to get a good score in the SHSAT.

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Know What To Expect

One of the best ways to reduce the pressure, anxiety, and nerves about your performance on this test, is to feel comfortable with it. You can do this simply by asking your professor what you should expect the layout of the exam to be. This will also help you find a better way to revise and prepare for it at home.

Furthermore, there are many revision websites available that allow you to practice for this test online;  the more exercises you do such as the one presented from this site, the more comfortable you will become with the format of the test, and the less pressure and anxiety you will feel on the day of the actual exam. This is crucial as lower levels of stress will increase your performance, increasing the likelihood of a better result.

Manage Your Time

On the day of the exam, you should ensure you wear a watch, as you are more likely to keep an eye on it than being distracted by the clock in the room. Managing your time effectively during the exam is crucial as you do not want to be halfway done with the exam, only to realize that you still have many questions left to do with no time left. Not only will this increase your stress levels, but it will also make it difficult to properly finish the exam, so you will either leave questions without being answered or you will answer them wrong under pressure.

Answer Every Question

If you are faced with a difficult question that you just do not know how to answer, make sure you do not leave it blank. You should complete every question, even when you are unsure of the answer. This is because you may still be able to get a few points or you may get it correct, but leaving it completely blank will surely not increase your test score. Having this in mind, you should also not spend too much time on this question.

This ties in with the paragraph above about managing your time, you may get stuck on a difficult question, leaving you no time to completely finish your exam. If you have no idea how to answer the question, you should move on and attempt to answer it later.

Read the Questions Cautiously

This goes for all types of exams – you should always read the questions carefully and more than once to ensure that you have read it properly. Maths, in particular, can often be confusing, therefore, take extra caution when taking the SHSAT exam. If you can, also highlight keywords in the question and this will ensure you are focusing on what the question says exactly.

Do Not Rush

Just as you should not spend too much time focusing on the difficult questions, you should not attempt to rush through easier questions as this may give you false confidence that the answer is correct. Make sure you take the required time for each question.

Present Your Work Clearly

It is important that whoever marks your exam can read what you write. Ensure that you present your thinking and your results clearly so that the examiner easily understands your thinking process.

Do Not Let Nerves Get to You

This is, understandably, a stressful event and it will be very difficult to not be nervous. Research studies have shown that an optimal amount of stress increases individuals’ performance. This means that some amount of stress is good and will make sure you are prepared and perform well. The best way to not allow stress to affect you greatly is to not listen to negative comments from others and to ensure you are prepared for the exam prior to the day.

Taking an exam can be very stressful. It is understandable that taking the SHSAT is highly important as it can open many doors in education and the future. Following the advice presented above should increase your likelihood of getting a good score.

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