What Your Favorite Types Of Beer Say About Your Personality [Chart]

I never knew so many seemingly insignificant things in our lives reveal so much about our personalities. Apparently everything from our Facebook likes, to our handwriting style, to how we hang our toilet paper rolls (over or under) say things to other people about our personality. Now you can add your favorite types of beer to that list too. Obviously this is just silly, but in the fun of reading it, you can’t help but wonder if there is a smidgen of truth to it.

Albeit not very ladylike, I love beer. I would much prefer a bottle of beer to a glass of wine. When it comes to my favorite types of beer, well, I think it would be hard to narrow it down to only a few. According to this chart, I hope you’re favorite beer isn’t a light lager. If it is, “you have a lot of guilt stored up, and your best days are behind you.”

This chart is called What Your Style Of Beer Says About You, and it’s by bite. Think of this like you think about reading the fortune stuffed into a fortune cookie. If it’s a good fortune, we keep it and smile. If it’s a bad fortune, we rip the paper in half and forget about it.

I’d like to see them redesign this chart with actual brands of beer. I wonder what the differences between a Corona drinker and a Samuel Adams drinker are. Things would really get funny if you added Blue Ribbon (hipster beer) and Budweiser (redneck beer) to the list. Yeah, I could actually make that chart myself I think. Just like this list, it would be full of silly stereotypes that mean nothing, but fun to read. So, what are your favorite types of beer?

Types Of Beer And What They Reveal About Your Personality


Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] [Laughing Squid]