What Can Your Scarf Say About You?

Do you know that famous saying “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”? Well, I believe the same goes for fashion choices. We all have lazy days when we just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt we got for free at a career fair, but for the most part, we do put thought into what we wear, and it reflects our personality more than we think. Colors, prints on graphic t-shirts, accessories – they all show our lifestyle, our preference, and more.

When it comes to “reading an outfit,” there are the basics like looking at shoes (sneakers vs. heels, big vs. small, etc.), but some elements of our look are more subtle and take more profound observations to understand and let’s say, decode.

In this article, I want to talk to you about scarves and what they can tell about you and your lifestyle. I broke it down to several approaches, so without further ado, let’s look into scarves and the deep dark secrets they carry.

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The Type Of Scarf

Every kind of scarves says something different about you and your lifestyle. A silk scarf and a wool scarf are worn differently and mean different things. Scarves are usually categorized based on the fabric and their style. Here are some of them and what they say about you:

  • Regular Scarves

These scarves are sometimes referred to as antique scarves. They are the rectangular scarves that are long and wide enough to be wrapped around your neck. They can have different prints on them, but you’re most likely to find one-colored or striped regular scarves.

Just like the name suggests, these scarves are essentially scarf 101, meaning they are the foundational and basic ones among scarves. So people who opt for regular scarves view it as more of a functional piece rather than a fashion statement. These people prefer comfort over cute.

  • Triangle Scarves

In the late 2000s, triangle scarves were very popular among the emo teens, but over the years, the trend has changed. The triangle scarves are less likely to keep you warm, and unlike regular scarves, they are a fashion statement. So if you see someone wearing a triangle scarf, it’s more probable that they put thought into it and picked it up intentionally to complete their look, or perhaps they are nostalgic about their emo teenage years.

  • Infinity Scarves

The concept of an infinity scarf is simple – it’s a loop of fabric that usually folds at least twice around your neck. Essentially any scarf can be turned into an infinity scarf if you tie its ends together, but unlike those, infinity scarves are more compact and neat. These scarves give very Bohemian vibes, so you will usually see it worn by young people in the fall who want to look casual but cute at the same time.

How It’s Worn

It’s not only the style and the fabric of your scarf that can give out information about you. How you fold and wear it is also essential. If you Google how to wear a scarf right now, you’ll probably find over a 100 ways and of course, we can’t go over each one of them and truth to be told, not all of them carry a meaning. However, there are some basic methods of folding that say a good deal about you.

  • Drape

It’s needless to say that wearing a scarf as a drape takes away the scarf’s primary function, which is keeping your warm. So wearing it is a drape show that you pay attention to your looks; you put effort into styling an outfit, but at the same time, you want to seem careless.

  • Knot 

The knot is usually common among men, but some women opt for this style. The knot shows that you’re more of a conventional person who uses things for their function. Knotting your scarf will keep you warm, and that’s what it’s made for.

  • Around the neck

Another rather standard way of wearing a scarf is folding it once around the neck. This is the combination of the knot and the drape. It’s practical yet stylish, looks effortless, but you’ve probably spent some time making sure that both sides are even.

The Print On Your Scarf

And last but not least, the print on your scarf. It’s clear how a print on a t-shirt can reflect your personality, right? Well, the same goes for scarves. Prints are common on silk scarves because of its material. If you love a particular culture, then you may wear a scarf that reflects that.

There are also brands like Artuyt that make silk scarves with artworks so that you can show off your favorite artists. Just like that, your scarf can become a sign of fandom or simply admiration towards a culture, a person, or even a phenomenon.

Did You Relate To Any Of These Descriptions?

You can look classy with a beautiful silk scarf or rock an effortless look with a regular scarf. Next time you choose a scarf to wear, think for a moment what it can say about you.

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