What Your Valentine’s Gift Says About Your Relationship [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I’m sure everywhere men are scurrying to find the perfect gift for their wives or girlfriends. When I want to give a special Valentine’s Day gift, choosing the gift itself is easy, but the choosing the card is hard. Which is better, a funny card or a sappy card? I don’t normally like Hallmark to write my feelings for me, so I normally chose a funny card and write something mushy-gushy in it.

If you are guy who has trouble with the gift, just know that you can’t go wrong with a few dozen red roses and a huge box of chocolates. Also, a homemade dinner (prepared by you) along with a nice bottle of wine is always a nice touch. I recommend something deliciously fattening since Valentine’s Day is a diet cheat day for so many girls. If you’ve decided to venture away from roses and chocolates this year in favor of another special gift, are you sure it will send the right message?

Is it possible that you could be revealing some fundamental secrets about your relationship based on the gift you choose? Apparently so, according to this infographic created by Ultimate Coupons. I guess the moral of the story is, just don’t give her nothing. Get her something, anything. Well, not a tattoo on yourself with her name, because then you’d be psycho (according to this), but anything else. Thank you, Matt, for sending this to me.

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Romantic and Cheesy Valentines Gifts

Header Image Credit: [She Knows]