Find Out What’s Really In Your Coffee [Video Infographic]

Usually when we write about coffee here on Bit Rebels, the response is huge. Coffee has become the source of life for a lot of active people, and without it, they would pretty much become zombies during their everyday endeavors. Nowadays there are a lot of different kinds of coffees available if you don’t want it straight up. I am sure some people would even love to have it fed directly into their bloodstream. Have you ever wondered what’s really in your coffee?

Most people know coffee as a caffeinated beverage that they can’t live without, but coffee has a lot more in it than you could possibly imagine. If you knew what was really in your coffee, maybe you wouldn’t drink it as much. Don’t get me wrong, coffee has been shown to lower the risk of pancreatic cancer amongst other things. It has also shown to reduce the bacteria that creates cavities in your teeth.

The question is, are you ready to know what’s really in your coffee? I was recently presented a video infographic that goes in-depth about what’s in coffee, and it might gross you out just a little. It’s a good thing most of the things in there are in very small amounts, or I am sure the enjoyment of having a freshly brewed cup of coffee wouldn’t be the same after learning this.

This video infographic is called What’s Actually Inside An Average Cup Of Coffee and is presented to us by Wired. The video, as I said, goes into detail about what you can find in one of those caffeine loaded cups of coffee you’re constantly dunking down. Now that I know what’s in an average cup of coffee, I don’t even want to think about what you can find in your average cup of tea. I am just happy that I was not having a cup of coffee while I was watching this video. So, after you know all this, do you still want a refill?

What’s Really In Your Coffee – Video Infographic



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