When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House: 7 Things You Should Know About Timing

Selling your house may be in your future. The real question is: when will it happen? This guide will go over the seven things you need to know about timing.

If you think any time is a good time to sell your home, not so fast. In fact, there may be good times and not so good times. You’ll want to get it right in terms of the time period and circumstances. If you’ve Googled ‘sell my house Corpus Christi’ and came across this, keep reading.

Let’s get started with the list of things you need to know about selling your house in the right time frame.

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The Spring And Summer Seasons Are The Best

If you are planning on selling your home, do it in the spring and summer months. That’s because the weather will be great. Not to mention, it will be the perfect time for families with children.

No one wants to pull their children out of school midway through the year. Especially if they plan on moving someplace else. The spring and summer months will mean longer days.

Which means you’ll be able to get more eyes on the house when it’s still light out. However, your listing will be online until the home is sold. Someone might be looking for homes during the night and come across yours as a potential buy.

Don’t Sell In The Fall And Winter Months

The fall and winter months will be the worst times of the year to sell. By this point, families that were moving from one place to the next may already be settled in. Plus, it’s the time of the year where things will be even busier.

The holidays will be underway and the last thing people might think about is buying a home. However, you can use these times of the year to ponder whether or not selling the home will be the best idea. You may have toyed with the idea for a while now.

However, it’s decision time. If you intend on selling, this would be a good time to make some repairs and renovations inside of the house. You’ll need to have a home inspector check out the place to see if there are any issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Don’t Sell In October

Of all the months when you shouldn’t sell, October is the worst. That’s because homebuying activity is at the lowest and will stay that way for the last few months of the year. Some houses may sell at this time, but it may be a longshot.

You may not know if there are any house hunters in the area or not. If you have decided to sell the house, don’t get started just yet. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare including setting up the listings, taking photos, and taking care of any loose ends.

Once again, the holidays will be around the corner. So October will have nothing to show for in terms of the housing market.

Location Will Play A Major Factor

The location will play a major factor because of the climate. Parts of the southern and western United States will have mild and moderate temperatures compared to the northern half. Home sales can happen in milder climates during slower periods (but don’t count on it always being the case).

If you live in a state like Minnesota, wait until the warmer months to sell. If you live in California or Arizona, you may get a few bites. But it’s not always a guarantee and you may have to play the long game a little while longer.

Timing = A Good Closing Price

Believe it or not, the timing of when a home sells can reflect on the closing price. The month of May has a seller premium of close to 13 percent. Which means it will be the perfect month to sell.

With the summer approaching and kids almost getting out of school, don’t be shocked if you list the home in April and end up getting a deal done by Memorial Day. You can expect the median sales price to be around $210000.

October will have the lowest seller’s premium of 5.2 percent, making it the worst month to sell. Of course, the median sales prices around that time will be around the same as the summer months.

Do It When You’re Financially Ready

Regardless of what time of year it is, your financial readiness will play a role. If you have the financial resources to handle selling a house, you can be ready to make the call. Otherwise, you’ll want to wait a while longer until you have enough financial breathing room.

You might have paid off the mortgage, but the homeowner’s insurance and property taxes will need to be taken care of. The same goes for any HOA dues. Take care of any financial obligations that may apply before you decide to sell the home.

Be Patient And Willing To Play The Long Game

There is no set timetable between when a house will sell. You’ll want to be patient and trust the process. You may have one interested buyer or many of them.

This means you will be fielding through so many offers. It can get stressful, but it’s all part of the process of selling a home. There is no guarantee that you can sell the home fast.

Some people may have an offer in place, and others might back out after finding a better home. The realtor that you work with will be able to handle any multiple offers and showings. They’ll also handle any heavy lifting so you can continue to focus on the priorities in life.

With that said, selling your house isn’t always easy. And it might not be done quicker than you expect. But be patient and have a willingness to play the long game.

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