When In Life Will I Need To Conduct A Background Check?

A background check can be a great way to learn about an individual’s past work experience, criminal record, age, and credit. While it may seem like background checks are things handled by governmental agencies or police departments, in actuality, there are plenty of times that it makes sense for you to run your own background checks online.

A background check can reveal information about arrest records, aliases, contact information, and whether the individual in question has a criminal record. Here are a few common cases where learning more about someone’s past may come into good use.

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If You Run Your Own Business

If you ever own your own business, you will want to run a background check on anybody that you are considering hiring. Even if you feel good about a candidate based on their resume and interview, a background check is a great way to determine whether or not any candidates have been stretching the truth during the application process.

If a candidate hasn’t honestly disclosed something about themselves during their interviews, that may be a sign that you shouldn’t move forward with them in the role. Even minor infractions like speeding tickets can be a problem if you’re looking to hire someone who needs to drive as part of their job.

If You’re Hiring A Nanny Or Other Contractor

Even if you’re not running a business, you might need to hire contractors for help around your house. Whether you’re looking for a nanny to watch your children or someone to help tidy up your house, a background check is always a good idea before agreeing to employ someone, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. Especially when it comes to criminal records, having the full picture of who you are bringing into your home is vital if you want to have peace of mind that they won’t try and take advantage of you.

If You’re Looking To Sublet Your Apartment

While property managers frequently run background checks on tenants before leasing to them, a time you may want to run a background check is if you are subletting a room in your apartment to a stranger, or even renting it out via Airbnb.

In addition to learning about a potential tenant’s criminal record through a background check, you’ll also get some information about their financial habits through their credit score. While a low credit score could just be a sign of low credit history, it may also be a sign of heavy credit usage, meaning that the applicant may not have the means necessary to reliably pay for rent each month.

If Something Seems Amiss On A Date

It may seem a bit silly, but it’s never a bad idea to run a simple online background check with someone you just met. Particularly with the proliferation of online dating and apps like Tinder and Bumble, a background check can help you determine whether or not someone is telling the truth in their profile or on a first date.

Nobody wants to waste their time dating someone dishonest, so an online background check can help you maximize your dating life while avoiding any potential dating pitfalls. While background checks are almost exclusively thought about in terms of employment screenings or gun licensing, there are plenty of reasons you may want to run a background check in everyday life.

Best of all, the internet has made background checks a simple process, meaning that anyone can learn more about someone by quickly searching for their name online. From learning more about someone you’re inviting to work in your home to better understanding the person you’ve started dating, a background check can be a valuable tool in helping you make good, informed decisions.

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