Which Pet Snakes Have The Most Interactive Personalities?

Snakes (and most cold-blooded animals, for that matter) tend to be really laid back. This is a great quality for the person who wants a low-maintenance animal that requires minimal attention and time. However, there are pet lovers that prefer a less-passive experience and want one that does more than just lay there and look nice. For those looking for an exotic pet as interesting as it is beautiful, look no further. Here are three pet snakes with the most interactive personalities of any other snake on the market. Bonus, all of these snakes are suitable for beginners.

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Ball Pythons

One of the most popular pet snakes of all time, ball pythons are social snakes that are well-adapted to regular human interaction. Ball pythons can be a bit on the shy side at first, but once won over, owners will find themselves with a sweet snake that enjoys roaming over their hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Ball pythons are not arboreal, but they are sometimes known to hang from a tree branch or two. This translates to them loving to climb all over whatever they can get their scales on. They use their powerful muscles to hold them steady as they coil and extend over surfaces which, if you’re holding it, feels like a friendly hug.

Balls typically grow to be between 4 and 5 feet in length and have a moderate girth. Their very manageable size makes them a great starter snake that has a pleasant weightiness to it. To lift them properly and avoid injury to the snake, always use both hands to support them. Lift from the middle of their body, never from the head or tail.

Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are the number one recommended snake for beginners. With a moderate length, slender girth, and medium life span, these hearty snakes are perfect for those just learning the reptile ropes. Their practical qualities aside, corn snakes are also a lot of fun to own. Known for being highly inquisitive, they love to patrol their surroundings and be in the know of all going ons.

Note that corn snakes are primarily nocturnal so that if you want to catch them in action, your best odds are doing so in the PM. However, don’t think that you have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to enjoy their antics. Corn snakes are most active in the evening, just in time for most people to get home from work.

It’s generally recommended to handle snakes regularly to keep them tame. While this isn’t necessary for naturally docile corn snakes, corn snakes do very well with handling anyways. Start with 15-minute sessions to allow the snake to get used to you (but always be on the lookout for signs that they might not want to be held at the current moment). From there, you may be able to extend those sessions even longer once trust has been built.

Hognose Snakes

Hognoses get their namesake from their unique upturned snouts. This gives them an adorably smushed countenance that’s landed them with the reputation of being one of the cutest reptiles. However, the hognose’s appearance isn’t just for show. It’s a useful feature that allows them to be pros at burrowing—one of their favorite pastimes. Catch them in action and you’ll witness the marvel of a tunneling master.

However, should you want to keep the fun above ground, hognose snakes aren’t above being picked up. They are tame and docile creatures that are tolerant of human handling. Bear in mind that these little guys can be sensitive, so don’t overdo the physical contact or else you’ll run the risk of stressing them out.

Find Interactive Snakes For Sale

Knowing about specific species isn’t the only tool potential snake owners can use. Another important aspect is being selective about where they purchase their snake.

Find snakes for sale at specialty reptile shops that are dedicated solely to all things related to lizards, turtles, tortoises, and of course, snakes. They carry a wider variety of reptile-specific inventory than your generic big-box pet store, offering better selection and better odds that you’ll find the specific snake species or morph that you’re looking to find.

Even more helpful, these stores often have closer relationships with the breeders that supply the animals. This relationship ensures healthier animals that have been well-cared for before being shipped to your door. It also means that the retailer has a more intimate relationship with each animal and can help you find the extroverted snake you seek.

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