Find Out Why Canvas Tents Are Better For Camping

Are you a travel blogger? Do you love adventure? Do you love outdoor lifestyle? If so, then a camping tent is the right option for you. It is a known fact that their many people love to visit adventurous places like a forest, hill stations, etc. Visiting those places becomes more adventurous when you plan to stay in a camping tent instead of staying in a luxurious hotel room.

Staying in a camping tent adds a new spice to your adventure. Nature lovers who want to experience beauty closely or want to spend an adventurous night prefer camping tents the most. Even for the hilly areas or in a deep forest where the unavailability of the hotel might restrict you from getting the full enjoyment of your adventurous trip, a camping tent is the best option.

But people who are going for the adventurous trip for the first time or people who are not so comfortable with the camping tent stay face troubles as they lack knowledge about choosing the right tent. There are different types of camping tents such as cabin tent, rooftop tent, backpacking tent, truck tent, canvas camping tent, etc. Let’s dig into the detail to get the right tent option.

This has been found that the majority of the people choose a canvas camping tent. If you are new to it, then you might have a few questions in your mind. Let’s have a look at why a canvas tent is better for camping.

Many companies provide a wide range of canvas camping tents like canvas wall tents, canvas bell tents, canvas cabin tents, and many more. Now while purchasing a canvas tent, you need to keep the following things in mind to escape regretting our decision later on.

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The Material Of The Tent

Usually, canvas tents are chosen for safari, hunting, fire camping, musical camping, glamping, picnic, family trip, parties, outdoor adventures, and so many other purposes. Thus, the very first thing that one must check is the protection. Make sure that your tent keeps you protected from any kind of exposure like cold, mildew, rain, fogs, mild thunder, sun heat, and fire, etc.

For these, you can go for a premium cotton-filled duck canvas with a weightless WR (Water+ Mildew) protection. These premium cotton-based tents are durable and also help you to breathe correctly when you are inside it. Your tent must be lightweight and must be constructed with plied weaves because this makes a tent durable and resistant from any damage or tearing.

Also, check if it has chemical treatment or not. The silicon coating between the pores of the canvas fabric and the cotton makes it stronger and also possesses the property of water repellant. It also makes the tent non-flammable and helps it to be free from micro-organisms.


The next important aspect is the size of the tent. The ideal tent size is 10.10oz. This particular size of a canvas camping tent refers to the weight of per square yard of the canvas before adding any treatment to it. Treatments like waterproofing, water repellency, or water-resistance treatment add on around 10-40% weight to the canvas.

Waterproof vs Water Repellant vs Water-Resistant

Must check that your canvas camping tent has the water-resistant quality, and it keeps you dry. Tents that are coated with traditional wax help in repelling the water even in the heavy rain. It also protects the tent from moisture and bead up the water to roll off from the tent. It should be chemically treated so that it can impart FR property.

It should have the option of dry cleaning to avoid the use of liquid cleaning agent. 100% cotton based tents have the waterproof capacity, but at the very first time use, as it runs through the weathering process, it may cause leakage sometimes, so you are recommended to check the set up before your trip.

Life Span

The lifespan of the canvas camping tent depends upon your usability. The camping condition or exposure plays a significant role in this case. Air pollution, dust, UV radiation, domestic dirt (stains of cooking, sun cream, soda, wine, etc.) and natural dirt (like bird’s drooping, saltwater, sand, etc.) may cause damage after prolonged use. But the minimum durability or life span is 6-12 months.

Qualities Quarantees And Return Policy

It is always better to go for the branded canvas camping tent as they give you quality assurance, but there is no such guarantee period is given because damage depends upon the nature of use.

Other Advantages Of Canvas Camping Tent

  • The canvas camping tents are much better than any other tent because of their longevity, durability, and breathable material. Rather than the nylon or other synthetic material based camping tent canvas tents are much better.
  • Canvas camping tents are much better and perform well when exposed to low temperature or cold. Nylon or other synthetic materials cannot deal with cold and mildew, whereas the canvas tent contains the right fabric coat, which prevents cold.
  • The small holes and ripped seams in canvas tent enable it to patch up than any other nylon or synthetic materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your canvas camping tent today before moving out for your next adventurous trip.

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