Why The Church Needs To Keep Up With The Times

2020 is finally here! It’s a new year and a new decade and one that millions of people have been looking forward to. Everyone hopes to make advancements in their private and professional life. These advancements come along with faith and doing your best in all aspects of your life, and they can also come by utilizing technology.

As technology occupies every office and every industry, it certainly doesn’t leave the Church behind. If you are a pastor or leader of your church, you are doing a great service in leading people. But you don’t want to resist change because change happens even if we try to fight it off. The teachings of a church don’t change, but there can be newer methods and different ways to use and spread the teachings.

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We’re only human, so it is natural to find our comfort zone and refuse to leave it. Maybe your church has gotten just so used to doing things in a set way that the very thought of changing ways scares you or doesn’t allow you to try and experiment with what technology has to offer.

If you want to keep up with what is happening around you, run and lead your church in a more organized and efficient way, then you must open your doors to technology for the various tasks that a church must do for its congregation.

Let’s briefly talk about some advantages of church-based technology that can make tasks and activities easier and workflow efficiency.

Connection: The mission of any church is to reach out to people. The ability to connect with people from any place and at any time is a given now, which wasn’t a given only some years ago. You’ll want to know if your church is making plans to reach out to more people, and if so, how is it doing so? Even if talking only about the current members, how do you connect with them? For instance, how do you announce certain events happening on church grounds or Bible study times, or schedule volunteer work?

If you continue doing things by pen and paper, or worse, by memory, you would be just adding a bigger workload and making tasks more prone to error. If you’re not sure what you need to know before using church management software, you can read more here to know further details about how software keeps you updated with your congregation. Good software will be easy to use and extremely efficient and will have a simple interface that usually doesn’t require any prior training for church staff or members to use. You can use software that also:

  • Track attendance
  • Have a safe entry and exit for children attending Bible classes
  • Check each area where church members are involved in
  • Have an easy, online donation process
  • Incorporate a follow-up process, for hospital visits or first-time guests, for example.

These are just some of the advantages you can have when you use the right software for church-based activities.

Decision making: Like any other work, church work is full of decisions. The best decisions can only be made with the basis of having the right information. The software you use collects data according to your input. A church’s ongoing activities are an accumulation of big data (data so large that you need software to handle and manage it). When you can easily go through the collected data in the software, you will be able to come up with the best decisions needed to keep your church and its members and staff well-grounded in everything they do concerning the church.

Collaboration: There are several matters of interest that different groups might need to collaborate on. Currently, anything digital can be shared easily, and who knows what other methods of sharing the future holds, as technology simply advances every day. Access to information is very significant to each church and it’s one of the indispensable features of the technology that has changed the way we collaborate with others to simplify work projects.

Help your congregation: Some people are just more tech-savvy than others. Your church can help its members by offering classes on the copious use of software, such as live streaming an event from the grounds to hundreds of viewers.

No one knows what the future holds, but we do know technology isn’t going anywhere soon except forward. With software, you can be sure that it is not your message that is changing, but only the way you send out that message. You want those following your church to embrace the message and embrace new tech that helps everyone.

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