Why Merino Wool Makes The Perfect Travel Underwear

Savvy travelers are usually equipped with a few good rules of thumb before they set out on their next adventure. Things like keeping passports and other important travel documents in a safe and secure place at all times, having sturdy luggage that can withstand a few good knocks and bumps, and being selective in choosing to pack clothing that will be versatile and easy to care for, like merino wool underwear.

Many people may not be aware of the numerous reasons why merino wool underwear simply makes sense, especially for the frequent traveler or outdoor adventurer. There are, however, many facts about the functional properties of merino wool underwear, as well as the awesomeness of the fabric itself, that make it not only the most sensible choice for travelers but also the perfect pair of boxers for when you get home from your trip.

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Merino Wool Is Insulating

To begin with, merino wool is unique as a knit fabric because of its natural ability to provide a high level of insulation. Merino wool is an active fabric, which means that it responds to the temperatures of the environment: when it’s cool outside, merino fibers trap heat to keep you warm; and in warmer climates, the merino fabric keeps the cool temperature in and blocks the heat.

In addition, merino wool absorbs UV radiation and thus provides a natural protective barrier against the harmful effects of the sun. Because of its insulating and UV protection factor, merino wool clothing items can easily replace the need to layer with multiple socks, t-shirts and other pieces of clothing, especially if you’ll be in places where the temperature may vary.

Merino Wool Is Breathable

Despite the fact that merino wool is often thought of as a winter fabric, it actually is very lightweight and breathable too. Merino wool fibers are extremely smooth and soft next to the skin and have a natural property that allows air to pass through while keeping you warm or cool as it regulates to the temperature outside.

This breathable quality is unmatched with other synthetic fabrics which tend to trap moisture and odor. Merino wool has a moisture-wicking attribute that allows it to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water! What this means is that merino wool not only acts as a water repellent but also as a water absorber that releases excess moisture as vapor through its fibers, making it the ideal fabric for underwear, t-shirts, socks, and pretty much any other type of clothing.

Merino Wool Is Anti-bacterial

Obviously, it is clear that merino wool has natural properties that really set it apart from all other fabrics, but there’s more – merino wool is actually anti-bacterial as well! It naturally repels bacteria and by doing so also prevents odors from forming, making it excellent for use as a fabric for undergarments. Since it is naturally anti-bacterial, it is even possible to go without washing merino wool garments for weeks, not having to worry about smelly odors!

Merino Wool Doesn’t Wrinkle

Last, but certainly not least, merino wool is the ideal fabric for travelers because it is lightweight and does not wrinkle – it has a natural elasticity, so it doesn’t need to be ironed. Every fiber of merino wool is like a miniature coil that returns to its natural shape after being bent, and it can bend back on itself more than 20,000 times before breaking! This is in contrast to a fabric like cotton, which can only bend back on itself about 3,000 times before breaking. The fact that it doesn’t wrinkle and has such lasting durability and flexibility means that it will outlast all other fabrics, making it a great investment for travelers.

Merino wool is an unrivaled fabric, and, for the traveler, the natural properties it has make it the most ideal choice for all types of garments, particularly underwear. Merino wool has a long history as a fabric that is durable, practical, comfortable and beautiful, and with its truly amazing natural qualities, it is no wonder people are going gaga over it.

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