Why Personal Space Matters In A Relationship

The union of ideal relationships is represented as follows: eternal love, daily twelve-hour sex, and constant stay together. To be separated during work, to meet in the evenings, to walk in the park, to take a shower, to eat, to visit relatives, to go to bed… And through thick and thin to loom in front of the partner’s face, only occasionally leaving the object of love to go to the bathroom. Romance and idyll, slowly developing into an annoying persistence.

One day, one of the partners suddenly demands a pause. The desire for personal space causes an unpleasant reaction in lovers. Women believe that men’s freedom means complete revelry, dating a Slavic woman or women, and daily change of sexual partners. Similar thoughts come to the mind of the sterner sex. But there is no need to exaggerate. The desire for some distance has absolutely no negative aspects, and there may be plenty of reasons for it.

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Different Interests

Apart from the affection, gentle words, and verses under the moon, a person has a lot of other essential things to do. For some people, warm dinner and hugs are enough for happiness, while for others, the universe is full of achievements and discoveries. To conquer the world with vocal skills, dance, play football, cross-stitch, or collect postcards — a creative person needs extra time to accomplish their plans. If a couple has a different worldview, serious disagreements can begin based on hobbies and interests.

Free Leisure

The statement “I need personal space” comes from a partner who is suffocating from the relationship. Being with the object of adoration all day long is a great pastime, but sometimes, you want to meet friends, go to the countryside with an overnight stay in the company of colleagues. Internal discomfort awakens to drift apart from the life partner and to declare the love of freedom. It does not mean that there are indifference and coldness in the partner’s soul. Even having passionate feelings, we can keep our distance and be alone from time to time.

Talk To Your Loved One

If you want to define the boundaries of communication, you need to talk about it with your partner tactfully. Prepare yourself for quarreling and scandals, but continue to stand your ground:

  • The first step is to convince your partner of your love for them, to explain the reasons for the drifting apart patiently. It is important to emphasize that she is not to blame for the fact that you need some loneliness.
  • Being together, pay attention to her, keep abreast of your business, hobbies. Show how the hours of joint pastime bring you great pleasure and happy emotions.

Personal freedom has many benefits. Lovers do not bother each other, do not experience the oppression of someone else’s domination, find an opportunity to spend an evening with friends, family, and miss the chosen one. Time spent separately will increase the desire to be together, revive the feelings of love and the value of the better half.

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