Why An SUV Is The Ultimate Vehicle To Take On Your Next Cross Country Adventure

We all deserve a holiday, from time to time. After all, you work hard every week, putting in the hours at work and dealing with all of life’s myriad responsibilities. Whether that’s your kids or fur babies, volunteer work, study, or other occupations. You run the risk of burning out without a break once in a while, which is no fun for anyone.

One fantastic way to holiday is to drive across the country in your car. Taking weeks off and hitting the road, snacks at the ready and the wide-open expanse of the land to experience. What could be better? Yet not all vehicles are up to the task of a cross-country adventure. A 7 seater SUV is a perfect car for this sort of trip. In this article, we’ll share why an SUV is the ultimate choice of vehicle for a cross-country adventure. Read on to discover more.

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More Seats – More Fun!

A 7 seater SUV is the perfect choice of car to drive across the country, especially if you have a large family. Being able to seat 7 people means that both parents and up to five kids can fit in the car. This is a significant benefit, as larger families would otherwise have to arrange another vehicle. This would cost more in car repayments or hire car fees, so a larger SUV is the best choice. This way, no one gets left behind.

Ample Storage Space

A large SUV has way more storage space when compared to a hatch or sedan. A larger trunk means that you can fit all your luggage, with room to spare. And, if you’re driving seven people across the country, you’ll need all the space that is available.

Furthermore, if you run out of space in the car, you can easily fit more on the roof by installing some roof racks or rails. This will allow you to strap additional stuff to the roof or install a storage pod that can fit heaps in.

Towing Capacity

A big SUV will be able to tow up to a certain amount of weight, known as tare. This means you can mount a trailer, camp trailer, or caravan behind your vehicle. If you plan on staying at caravan parks and camping out, this is the perfect solution for a big road trip. A caravan can contain all the luxuries of home – a shower, flushing toilets, beds, kitchenette and tables. Holidaying with a caravan is a fantastic bonding experience for couples or families.

High Safety Ratings

Spending a long time on the road increases your chance of an accident. This is statistics, and it is not meant to spook you. Especially as other drivers are a variable factor that you can’t control. However, you should rest assured because modern SUVs have high safety ratings. This means that in the event of an accident, the vehicle’s occupants should be kept safe from harm.

Features such as airbags, ABS braking systems, lane drift alerts, proximity alerts, and reversing cameras all assist in keeping you safe and sound while driving.

Comfortable And Cruisy

An SUV is a pleasure to drive. This is because, by definition, it has the handling of a sports vehicle while offering the power and comfort of a utility vehicle. Comfortable seats and more cabin room make you feel comfy and relaxed while driving. For a long trip, this is important as you don’t want to feel cramped and uncomfortable while driving for hours on end.

Improved Fuel Economy

In the past, SUVs were notoriously thirsty vehicles that burned through fuel rapidly. However, car manufacturers are constantly working on improving fuel economy for SUVS, and a new SUV offers improved fuel efficiency compared to its older counterparts. This means your fuel goes further, and you’ll save money filling the tank. This is incredibly valuable as fuel will be a significant expense on a long road trip.

Off-Road Capabilities

If you’re driving across the country, you may find that you come across some rough terrain, unpaved roads, and gravel tracks. An SUV has some off-road capabilities that make navigating rough terrain easy. You can drive on surfaces that a smaller vehicle such as a sedan couldn’t manage.

Summing Up

In this article, we’ve shared the top reasons why an SUV is the ultimate vehicle to take on your next cross-country adventure. A 7 seater SUV is a perfect choice for larger families, as you don’t have to arrange a second car. Heaps of storage space are also a significant benefit, as is towing capacity. Furthermore, an SUV is a pleasure to drive, as it is cruisy and comfortable. Finally, high safety ratings will give you peace of mind, and improved fuel economy will assist with fuel costs.

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