Why Tempo Studio And JaxJox Are The Future Of Home Gyms

Keeping fit is something many thousands of people indulge in. Whether you go to a gym for your fitness routine or take part in a sport such as running, cycling or swimming you will have your own ways of getting regular exercise. However, the last year has interrupted many of our routines in a way we could not have expected. We’ll come to that in a minute, but before we go on, a bit more on what we’re going to talk about below.

We are effectively producing a review of the Tempo Home Gym vs. JaxJox Interactive Studio, which are two of the growing number of ‘smart home gyms’. These take the concept of a home gym and combine it with 21st-century digital technology, giving you a home gym that is advanced, usable, and versatile.

In some cases, they even do away with the need for physical weights. These home gyms are impressive in terms of technology and development, so before we take a look at each of those mentioned, let’s consider the reasons why home gyms have become far more popular of late.

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Why Home Gyms Are Becoming More Popular

 The idea of a home gym is not new, and many people already have basic gym equipment in the home. However, the smart gyms break new ground and take things to another level. Convenient, versatile, and offering impressive data gathering and analysis, they enable you and all the family to pick a convenient time to work out and exercise in the home.

No gym fees, no transport costs; it’s there for you to use whenever you want. We’ll talk more about the features of our two chosen smart gyms later, but there’s another reason why home gyms have become more popular: covid-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, with lockdowns being put in place in most of the developed world. Not only did this restrict movement to and from work, but it also closed gyms and fitness studios. Suddenly, a home gym became a very attractive proposition for anyone who enjoys their exercise.

Smart gyms are a great alternative to a gym membership, and now that more people have had to turn to work out in the home, they have seen how convenient it is and how it makes life a lot easier. So, let’s have a look at the Tempo Studio and JaxJox Interactive studio in more detail and compare their features.

About Tempo Studio

One of the market leaders in the smart gym revolution, the Tempo Home Gym is a comprehensive gym system with a difference. Smart gyms use a touch screen (in some cases), and the Tempo Studio utilizes 3D sensors for human motion analysis, which gives it quite amazing versatility. Put simply, it can tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in real-time, as well as showing you what you should be doing by way of animated images on the screen.

How does it do this? The sensors use infra-red light in pulses to create an accurate representation of your body on screen, with muscles and their movement highlighted. Tempo records your sessions and, using advanced AI, learns about you as you go.

Doing this can make actual considered recommendations on your future exercise routine, and you can also tell it your goals. It will measure your achievement and report to you whether you have reached those goals or what you need to be doing to reach them, and help you model your routine to perfection.

The personalized nature of Tempo means it works for you and can also be programmed to work with other members of the family. One concern people have about smart devices is the privacy aspect. The designers of Tempo have covered this by ensuring the system stores nothing other than your workout results and routines.

There is no information of a personal nature involved, just the data you share with the system. Tempo comes with a set of weights that allow you to indulge in your own preferred weightlifting routines – there’s a clever storage system for them, too – and takes up a minimal amount of space. It comes recommended by many users too. Now let’s check out JaxJox.

About JaxJox

The JaxJox Interactive Studio is relatively new to the market. Yet, the brand had a head start on many competitors as they were already in the market with their clever and popular smart kettlebell, which brought a new aspect to the fitness world. What they’ve done with the Interactive Studio is combine the smart equipment with a full smart gym.

JaxJox offers a lot of the features found in the Tempo package – full AI and learning capability, for example – but does so in a different way. One notable difference here is the tilting and adjustable large screen, which makes things far more versatile.

Like Tempo, the JaxJox studio is focused on weight training, yet there are other routines you can indulge in, and while the equipment provided is quite bulky, it is of the requisite quality. One major difference is that there is no real-time form correction or 3D motion sensors with JaxJox, so it is perhaps not as versatile or capable as Tempo.

The equipment supplies with JaxJox amounts to the screen, and the company’s kettlebell connects and dumbbell connect smart equipment, which falls short of the Tempo package where you get a full set of weights. Both have decent sound systems too.

But which is best for you? That depends on what you’re looking for in a smart home gym, as both of these interesting options provide a wealth of attractive features that will need to be compared. To close, let’s list the pros and cons of each, and then see if we can find an answer.

Pros And Cons Of Each Package

Let’s not hang about:

Tempo Studio


  • Neat and clever space-saving design
  • Excellent AI intuitive workouts
  • Full range of gym equipment including weights and dumbbells
  • Personalized selections and workouts
  • Large screen
  • Digital rep counting and form reporting and correction
  • 3D sensor mapping and animation


  • It needs a very fast internet connection or may lag
  • Has been reported to miss reps if out of Bluetooth range

JaxJox Interactive Studio


  • Straightforward design
  • Interactive equipment
  • Personalized programs
  • Weight tracking feature
  • A lot of live content
  • Smart equipment can be used without the need for the smart gym
  • Easy for anyone to use


  • Very new to the market, so not exposed or tested much
  • Weights are heavier than expected
  • Bigger than the above and takes up more space


Can we recommend one over the other? Given that they offer a different way of achieving the same thing and have notable unique features, it would be difficult to do so. The only thing we can add is that the Tempo costs less to buy – at $1995 – and has a $39 per month membership fee.

While the JaxJox costs a little more at $2199 but comes with a membership fee of just $12.99, and that includes a lot of live content. The choice is yours, so check out these smart home gyms now and get fit in your own time.

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