Winter Bungee Jumping For Insane People (or Teenagers)

I know we all do crazy things when we are teenagers, but holy bajeeeezus, my stomach did flip flops just from watching this 40-second video, I can’t imagine being the girl in it.

Wow, when I was a kid I thought sitting on metal trash can lid and sledding down a steep hill was a thrill, little did I know what some kids do in Russia. I’ve heard of creating fun games to play in the snow, but this is going to blow your mind.

The teenage boys tie a rope around that girl’s waist and send her flying off that old beat up building while she screams like it’s her last breath. Meanwhile, she narrowly misses smashing into the other old buildings in her path. It looks to me like that old rope tied around her could snap at any moment. Oh yeah, that looks like fun for sure (not). According to the comments on the video, these types of “daredevil attempts are reasonably common throughout Russia.” Also, the comment (left by someone who lives in the Ukraine) goes on to say that since these stunts are in fact common, much time is spent in researching the rope to make sure it’s strong enough, so it’s probably more safe than it looks. Hmm… I still wouldn’t do it.

Oh well, I guess kids will be kids…

[via Mizozo]