Women Entrepreneurs: Small vs. Big Businesses

Watching what women do and say, and how that aligns to the needs of their business vs. their family, I was intrigued to discover we might have thought wrong.

Small Businesses Are Not Better For Women

Nell Merlino, founder of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, shared some very interesting data recently.

“A lot of women believe the bigger the business, the less time for family,” Merlino said. “That’s not necessarily true.”

  • Did that hit you like  a ton of bricks?
  • Why have we been thinking that a bigger business means we have less time for family?
  • Are we still hounded by limited thinking on this topic?

Here in the States, California, Texas and New York have the largest numbers of women owned businesses. Start using our social tools to reach out to these women and forge relationships. Be more aggressive in building your network. Take 2 actions a day to connect with new women in business who make you take a gulp.

Instead of little thinking, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How could I be a benefit to us connecting?
  2. Who makes me nervous to ask to connect?
  3. What if I ask and in six months, I have doubled my network?
  4. When was the last time you took the time to give a referral to a woman owned business?
  5. Are you ready to stop playing little and get on with it already?

Here is one helpful tip, reach out and ask these women:

Liz Strauss

Aliza Sherman

Lisa Gansky

Adelaide Lancaster

Devora Zack

and ME!!!  Michele Price

making profitable networks in business

Image Credits: [Flickr / Jmarie999] [Flickr / Dave Stokes]