Pokémon Meditation Balls: Relieve Stress The Geek Way

Have you noticed lately that pokéballs seem to be making a comeback? I keep seeing posts about them everywhere, and I can’t figure out where the sudden interest in pokéballs is coming from. I’ve always enjoyed Pokémon, and I love that creative artists can find so much inspiration from those red, black and white balls. If you don’t understand what a pokéball is, you can read Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Pokéballs.

Although it’s true that playing Pokémon can be relaxing, I’ve never seen anyone create pokéball meditation balls until today. In case you are unfamiliar with meditation balls, they are those two balls that usually come packaged very beautifully and can be found in gift shops, airports, and anywhere that sells little trinkets. They originate from China, and you are supposed to hold them both in one hand and rotate them.

In theory, they are supposed to relieve stress, improve dexterity and strength, and help in the recovery of certain injuries. They are kind of heavy though, and I’ve never gotten into them really. If you want to know how to use them, you can read this article I found called How To Use Meditation Balls. EccentricArtificer created these pokéball meditation balls by hand-painting solid wood balls. I don’t know if these would really relieve any stress, but they sure would be fun to have! You can pick these up in his Etsy store for 15 bucks.

Relieve Stress With Pokeballs

Relieve Stress With Pokeballs

Relieve Stress With Pokeballs

This is what traditional meditation balls look like:
Ying Yang Stress Relief Balls

Image Credits: [Dharma Talks]