Discover A World Of Chess With A Chess Vacation [Infographic]

If you have thought that your options for having a chess holiday are somewhat limited, you couldn’t have been more wrong! There are plenty of appealing destinations all over the world where you can enjoy your hobby in more than several ways. So, take your travel set with you, and get ready to book the tickets, because these are some of the most popular places in the world courtesy of Chess Site.

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Cruise Ships

If you love the ocean and you have itchy feet, what better holiday is there than going on a cruise and visiting different places every couple of days? Of course, you needn’t wait for the land to play your favorite game. Take advantage of the huge chess set on the deck and ponder your next move while enjoying a sea breeze, and possibly a cocktail, too.

Harry Potter Game

If you’re a fan of the HP series, then you must remember the crucial chess game which takes place in the first book. Bigger than life chess pieces that move at your command, and actually kill other figures. Indeed, wizard chess is not for the faint-hearted. True enough, you won’t be able to play it like Ron Weasley, but you can definitely enjoy the view and recall the game at Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London.

Russian Champs

Need we say more? You can’t help but feel admiration at the very mention of the country, and it’s only natural since Moscow is renowned for having more chess grandmasters than any other city.

While you’re there, you could get some thrills by observing the yearly Moscow City Chess Championship. In case you won’t be present for the occasion, pay a visit to the Russian Chess Museum to fully grasp the culture of chess playing in this vast country.

Collector’s Paradise

For all those of you who take pride in their precious chess sets, how about visiting the world’s largest chess set collection? That’s right, you’ll be amazed by the Guinness world record collection of chess sets, and you can see all of them in Gokyay Foundation Chess Museum in the Turkish capital. Interestingly enough, all the chess boards and pieces are in the possession of one man who turned his passion into a museum.

Where To Buy A Chess Set?

When talking about chess sets, how about buying one while you’re on holiday? And, what better place for shopping than the land where it all started – India. Not only will you be able to take a closer look at the traditional crafts and how the chess pieces are made, but you can also buy an exquisite chess set at an affordable price.

Go Large

If you wish to have your picture taken next to the largest chess piece in the whole world, head over to St Louis, USA. There you can check out the biggest of them all and walk around the World Chess Hall of Fame to get some insight into the grandmasters and their famous matches, or you can join a local chess club and scholastic center for some practice.

Land Of Ice And Chess

Iceland prides itself with two towns of significance. The first is their capital, Rekyavik, and it was the venue of the world famous 1972 chess match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Also, Selfloss is the place where you can pay respect to the late grandmaster.

So, if your traveling companion has pictured a chess holiday as something dull and inactive, he/she will be quite surprised. Whichever part of the world you go for, you’re bound to have a great time.

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Chess Traveling Tourism Infographic Image