World Record In Stiletto Racing (Yeah, It’s Possible)

I love high heels. I’ve been wearing them for years. I started out wearing them because I’m short, and every cosmo girl knows that nothing can make you feel more large and in charge than a hot pair of stilettos. However, I’m not going to lie, it takes practice to get used to wearing them. You have to walk with a whole different type of awareness when wearing a pair of shoes like that.

Did you know that stiletto is also a word that describes a long bladed knife? Stiletto shoes were named after that knife because they too are long, sharp and very dangerous. I remember after I wrote the article How To Confidently Strut In High Heels, I had several men ask me how a woman could possibly be comfortable in shoes like that. I had to explain that it’s all in the details. It’s important to try them on before buying them. There are also some little pads at the drug store that you can buy and insert which make them more cozy. It’s true that a pair of stilettos will probably never be as comfortable as a pair of Crocs (the ugliest shoes ever created), but c’mon, there has to be a balance between fashion and comfort, right?

If you are one of those people who just can’t imagine being able to walk in these shoes, can you imagine what it would be like to run in them? If that is something you didn’t think was possible, you will enjoy this video below. Last fall, four women from Australia set the new world record for the fastest relay race in stiletto heels.

About 100 women and one man competed in this race which benefited the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In order to qualify, each participant had to wear high heels that were at least 3 inches tall. The shoes were all carefully measured beforehand. The winners completed the 263 foot course in a little over one minute. Britney McGlone, one of the race contenders, said, “Running in stilettos is as easy as sprinting. You just need to get up on your toes and don’t let your heels touch the floor.” I’ve run in stilettos before, and I can tell you from experience, she’s exactly right. Stiletto races happen each year in countries all over the world. These women are some serious athletes, really!

Running In High Heels

Running In High Heels

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