You’ve Never Seen (Or Smelled) Shoes Like This Before

Just when you thought you’d seen everything… I’m not sure which is more shocking about these shoes; the 10-inch heels or the elephant poop. Ok, I know which one. I think this is the strangest fashion statement I’ve ever seen, but I’m trying to be open-minded.

We’ve featured so many fun high heel shoe articles here that I just couldn’t resist including these when I saw them. Artist/designer insa created these shoes, which are made out of.. yup.. elephant dung. He even gave them a name: “Anything goes when it comes to shoes.”

Apparently insa is inspired by another artist, ofili, who often used elephant dung in his paintings in the 90s. Rumor has it that these shoes are made from the poop of the same family of elephants as ofili used in his paintings. Wow, what an homage. Of course, since this is all done in the name of “art” it is supposedly acceptable. From a recycling standpoint, it’s all good. What a great use of raw materials!

My question is, are these just full of crap or will anyone actually ever be able to wear them? What if you are wearing them and you step in a rain puddle and the poop part of the shoes gets wet? Wouldn’t it smell? #justsayin

Thank you for the fabulous pictures!