Ruby Slippers: Heels Can Be Design Heavy Too!

If you are a girl of style, but feel like your creative side never shines through, maybe it’s time to crank it up a notch and invest in a new pair of über creative pumps. We have seen many different kinds of shoe designs here on Bit Rebels, but they are usually unearthly and would probably only fit on Lady Gaga. However, since you probably won’t start dressing like her anytime soon, maybe a little more subtle touch would do just fine.

These Ruby Slippers from Taylorsays are a marvel really. They are encrusted with rhinestones and designed with Katy Perry graphics underneath them. They would not only be shiny in the club, but they would also be a way for you to show off that Katy Perry fandom. Or, maybe they would be a way for you to step on her if you don’t like her music.

Either way, you will definitely show off your creativity with these heels. They also come in several other designs such as weirdo eyes, skulls and a pirate motif. If you think they will follow you home lightly then you’re wrong. You’ll have to caugh up $317 big ones for the Katy Perry style and $275 for the Skulls and Pirate designs. They have a ton of other really creative heels as well, so if you have a thick wallet (or purse), this is a good place to go nuts.