10 Different Ways To Use Twitter!

Twitter has evolved far beyond people updating their status messages with what they are doing. Twitter has even changed that question, “What is Happening?” When I started seriously tweeting, most of the time people were simply small talking with each other. There were more conversations, and just occasional links. This is not bad, but the downfall of it was that if you knew very little people, then it would be quite intimidating to just start tweeting with strangers. Then people started to share links and share information! People also started hashtags and Retweeting links to their followers. Every day you would see that people are evolving and their needs are too!

Just like in any application, I believe that the use of Twitter is really defined by its users!  Here is a rundown of the different ways you can use Twitter!

1. Promotion – People who have blogs often share their articles via the tweet stream! It is also a way to announce any giveaways. Others use it to promote their books or even events like Tweet Ups and other local events happening in different areas of the world.

2. To save the environment – You have seen tweets that are a call to action to help us save the environment. There are links that offer ways and tips on how we can save our planet NOW!

3. To help a cause – You have seen the tremendous help that some causes have received. This year it has been mostly for Haiti! The community on Twitter has given causes worth helping the voice they need!

4. News Feed – One can get first hand information fast and from reliable sources real time!

5. Radio or music station – The majority of people I follow also use Twitter to share music online! You have DJs playing their latest hits via @ Blip.fm, Last.FM Grooveshark and others that allow their users to connect their applications to the owner’s Twitter stream!

6. As a TV Channel – Some of the Twitter power users use Ustream to connect with their followers and share live via video chat or video feed! If you want to do a demo or just interact with your followers and talk with them personally via video, this is the way to go!

7. As a Sports News Cast Feed – If you notice during the game seasons, the # (hashtags) abound, Twitter users share various sports stats and game results via their Twitter stream!

8. As a Classified Ads/ Job Section – People and companies now share job openings on Twitter! There are even accounts that solely do classified ads type of tweets. There are even those that share bargains and sale information! One just needs to know who to follow!

9. As a Gallery – Designers and Artists  can showcase their works via Twitter.  Usually they send links to the sites that showcase great talents!  Most often you would also get links and announcements to galleries and works being displayed at the time of the Tweet!

10. As a Funny Section – I get a lot of the funnies on Twitter! It never fails to make my day when I see a funny tweet or open a link to cartoon or comic posts!

No matter what your interests are, I am sure that there are always something that will catch your attention on Twitter! I follow different types of people on Twitter, from designers to writers, to moms, to comedians to people that always makes my day fun and interesting because of what they tweet! If you follow the right people on Twitter, I assure you, there will be no boring day for you 24/7!

Main Image Sources: Twitter Bird / Ten