150+ Ultimate Round-Up of Helpful Twitter Articles

I’ve tried to create something here that I have not seen before. Below is a list of 150+ very helpful Twitter articles. I get tweets every week from people just starting on Twitter and they are struggling, trying to figure it all out and find their way. I wanted to create a post that they could go to and find exactly what they are looking for.

This isn’t a newbie twitter manual, after all, @mashable already created a fabulous one of those, no, this is more of a day-to-day real life nitty gritty Twitter guide that includes detailed how-tos, tutorials and personal experiences.

My name may be listed as the author of this post, but I don’t think of it that way. To me, this post represents our entire Twitter community, and it really belongs to you. I plan to add to this article each week. If you read a Twitter article that resonates with you or if you’ve written one yourself, please send it to me at diana@bitrebels.com so I can include it in this list. As long as it isn’t full of self-promotion and it represents the core values and best practices of Twitter, I will add it to this list for us all to learn from.

If we combine our Twitter knowledge together, we can truly make a difference. I remember when I started on Twitter a year ago, there was no manual and we had to figure everything out ourselves, through trial and error. Let’s make it easier than that for the new people now. Let’s let them learn from what we have already experienced. I look forward to receiving your posts, and I hope you enjoy this first edition of the Ultimate Twitter Round-Up of Helpful Articles!

This quote was left in a comment on this blog by Melody Lea Lamb, “A tweet, like a drop of water, can make ever expanding ripples of positive energy. Its Cyber-Synergy!”

Especially For The Twitter Newbies
How to Get Followed on Twitter | Twitter 101
How To | Create a Twitter List
Twitter Dictionary | 35 Twitter Abbreviations
For Newbies: 10 Quick Guidelines to Getting the Most Out of Twitter
Twitter Intimidation Explained
Twitter Rule #1, the Importance of an Avatar Photo
Twitter Rule #2, Your Handle, It Matters
Happy sending Auto-DMs? Think again!
Twitter for Dummies | Are You Clueless?
How I Got 3500+ Twitter Followers In 90 Days (By Just Being Me!)
10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners

It’s All About Building Twitter Relationships
10 Tips To Build Meaningful Relationships on Twitter
How to Turn Twitter Followers into Friends
How to Be Appealing on Twitter
Social Media Strategy Minus Human Engagement = Business Fail
How Twitter Reminded Us That People – Not Numbers – Are What Matter
7 Traits Of A Good Twitter Friend
Twitterview | Getting to Know People on Twitter
Real Friends VS Internet Friends
Does Twitter Make You a Nicer Person?
4 Tips For Handling A Spat With An Internet Friend

Twitter Cliffs Notes And Refreshers For Everyone
How To Become A Link-Spewing Maniac and Still Have A Life (Like Me!)
10 Acts of Twitter Kindness
5 Cool Ways to Use DM on Twitter
7 Tips for Becoming a Twitter Badass
How to Change Your Twitter Username
The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines
Challenging Integrity: Personal and Professional Branding
Interesting Twitter Tools To Enjoy!
Listiti – Google Alert Meets Twitter Lists
10 Lessons I’ve Learned On Twitter
How To: Develop into a Leader on Twitter
Twitter Armour- Ultimate List of Power Tweeting Tools
Conversation with Evan Williams @ Web 2.0
Twitter DISC Personality Types & Examples
Twitter Search in Plain English Tutorial
Branded Tweets – It’s All About the Links, Baby
The Man Behind @Mashable
Who Should Be on Your Twitter List?
Twitter Lists | Plain and Simple
10 Ways To Ruin Your Reputation On Twitter
Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers LISTENING
Twitter Tools for Sharing
How To: Be Active On Twitter Without Getting Burned Out
7 Ways to Set Up Your Auto Tweets
10 Twitter Avatar Creators | Image Yourself
Are “Lists” The New Twitter Status Measurement?
20 Blogger People to Follow on Twitter
Alyssa Milano Rocks On Twitter
How To: Keep Your Twitter Followers
10 Best Impact Follows For Your Tweets
Explaining Twitter to Those Who Don’t Get It
My 3 Favorite Sites to Play Music on Twitter
It’s The Little Things: Changing Your Game
Think Twice Before Changing Your Avatar!
Is Auto-Tweet a Dirty Word?
“Follow Me And I Will Follow You Back”? Hell NO!
Web Service to See Who is Tweeting Links from Your Content
The Hootsuite Invasion | Are We Getting Too Lazy?
How To: Not Suck At Writing Tweets
How to: Get Feedback on Twitter
This Should Be Considered a Twitter Crime
How To: Send a Voicemail in a Tweet
How To: Rejuvenate A Brand via Twitter
You’re Busted! | Presenting The Real You On Twitter
What’s Most Annoying About Twitter? See Your Answers Here.
Tweeting At Work? | Ouch, This Hits Home
Is Selling a No No on Twitter?
Twitter Logo Font Revealed

Do It Yourself Twitter Design
25 Creative Twitter Backgrounds (that work)
Branding Yourself Through Twitter Backgrounds #1
How to Brand Yourself with a Twitter Background #2
How to Create Twitter Graffiti
Cutielicious! A Free Twitter Bird Icon Set
Gorgeous TweetDeck Color Schemes
Inspiration Reloaded! – 44 Best Twitter Background Themes
Free Twitter Backgrounds PSD Layered files
Most Stunning Twitter Visualizations
Twitter Backgrounds Handpicked from DeviantArt
You Bad? – The Coolest Twitter Icons Ever
9 Useful Twitter Retweet Button Scripts For Blogs
100+ Incredible Twitter Backgrounds

Spam, We Are Kicking You Outta Twitter Town
Hey Twitter, Watch This and Then Stop it, Please!
Let’s Fight Spam on Twitter
8 Tips for Spotting a Spam Twitter Follower
Twitter: It Smells Like Spam In The Morning!
It’s Easier to Be An Ostrich: Fighting Social Media Spam

Be Sweet And Retweet
5 Reasons Why Old Retweets Kicks Ass
The Magic Formula For Blog Retweets
Two Ways Twitter’s Auto-Retweet Tool Is Actually Useful
The Twitter Controversy Over Thanking For RTs
Sound Off: RT Thanks or Not?

Just For Fun
How To: Manage Your Twitter Addiction
How to Effectively w00t
Now You Can Tweet Under Water
Are You a TwitterHolic?
Twitter vs Love | According to Google
My Top 5 Reasons To Love Twitter
The Twitter App Store | All things Twitter!
Twitter Community Promotes Spontaneous Hugs
How to: Keep Twittering at Work!
Twitter Shares Sex Habits!
How Twitter Look Like When They Launched
Sometimes I Feel Like a Pizza Date
Dear Top Non-Celeb on Twitter
Twakin = Twitter + Talking
50+ Most Amazing and Funny Twitter Comics
I Ain’t No Followback Girl (or Boy)
#UFO | The New Trend Word of Twitter?
Remotely Control Your Computer Using Twitter
The Guy Who Hates Twitter and Everything Else..
What Are You Doing? Tweet Talk
Twitter In Real Life | Taking Twitter to The Streets
What You Didn’t Know About Twitter
What do You do When You See the Fail Whale?
Is it Twittering or Tweeting?
The Most Popular Tweets on the Web
Celebrity Twitter Overkill | Sequel to Twouble

Not Only Tips For Twitter, But For All of Social Media
Social Media a Fad? Amazing Stats Reveal The Answer
How to use Social Media to Combat Drug Violence
Not For Profits Learn From Haiti Disaster Just How Effective Social Media Can Be
Who Makes The Social Media Rules? You Do!
Divorce: Social Media Style
Perfect Definition of a Social Media Douchebag
An Alternative Approach to Measuring Social Media ROI
Exploring The Oxymoron of Automated Social Media

Use Only In Case Of Emergency ;)
7 Steps To Follow If Your Twitter Account is Suspended
What Should You Do When Your Twitter Account Is Hacked?
Twitter Police – Now It’s Serious!
When Your Twitter Account Gets Suspended…
Worried About Lost Followers? Don’t Worry, You Never Had Them.
Privacy Risk Using Twitter?
Inside of a Banned Twitter Account
Who is Monitoring Twitter & FaceBook?

It’s #FollowFriday Time Again
What is #FollowFriday on Twitter? Make it Count!
How to: Do a Proper Follow Friday on Twitter
It’s #followfriday on Twitter! Here’s How Follow Friday Works
Why I Don’t Want To Do #FollowFridays On Twitter Anymore
How To Use #MrTweet Instead of #FollowFriday

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