10 Post Ideas To Give Your Blog A Boost

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called How To: Get Rid of Writer’s Block. As a follow up to that post, I would like to share with you ten blog post ideas to give your creativity and your blog traffic a little boost!

These are ideas that always seem to work well for me and the other writers here at Bit Rebels. If you stroll through the posts on this site, you’ll find examples of all of these. If you have some post ideas that have worked well for you, please share them in a comment below!

Good luck and happy posting!

1. Write a Follow Up to an Earlier, Popular Post – This article is an example of a follow up. Follow ups work well because they give you an opportunity to go into a topic in more detail. If you write a follow up to an article that was already popular, you know you’ll most likely spark some interest again.

2. Give Away Secrets – Your readers will love it if you give away some of your secrets. Examples of this on Bit Rebels are all of @Minervity’s Photoshop tutorials. I’ve seen designers tweet Richard and say, “Hey man, you are giving away all of our Photoshop secrets!” And, yes, he is. Of course, it’s all in good fun, but it’s a great idea to give away some valuable information!

3. Interview Someone Interesting – Interviews are great because, if done correctly, they almost always provide captivating content for your readers. You’ll see the interviews on this site all have great page views. The quality of your interview will be based on the quality of your questions.

4. Write a Rant – Ok, this is one I haven’t done myself because I’m not a very good “ranter,” however, rants, if not too negative, typically do very well. My friend, @ShellyKramer, is a great example of someone who rants well and her posts always get great page views. Here is a link to her blog so you can see what I’m referring to: https://v3im.com/blog/

5. Create Digg Bait – My friend, @BuzzEdition, who is very active in the Digg community gave me some great insight. According to her, “Diggers love unique. You simply can’t get by with duplication. Diggers love content, but they don’t want to read it twice. They read more content daily than most people consume in a week, so be brave and try to find a creative way to present a topic. Make them laugh or shock them, but make it brand new!”

We all know that the comments from diggers are the most entertaining, so it’s always fun to intentionally cast that bait into the water. This article of mine has over 1,200 diggs and almost 54,000 views, and it is an example of a good digg article: “How To: Correctly Eat A Chicken Wing http://bit.ly/IHAbp

6. Create Some Visual Eye Candy – I am a very visually stimulated person. I love browsing Flickr for ideas. I also love writing posts around a photograph that is inspiring to me. This is an example of one of those posts: “20 Ways to Stimulate Your Own Creativity https://retwt.me/1xzG3” I fell in love with that main image that someone obviously spent some time creating in Photoshop. I wrote the post around the image. Remember to give credit for the photo in your post when you try this!

7. Write a Post with a List – I’ve read that psychologically, people are more likely to view the post if there is a number in the title. For example, “5 reasons…” or “8 ways to…” This is the reason that “Top 10 lists” always seem to do well. Try writing a post list style.

8. Write a Strategically Organized Facts/Statistics Post – Many times there are stats and facts about a particular topic that are scattered over many different websites. A person would have to find each one of those sites to get the complete overview of a product or hot topic. If you can organize the information from all those different sites into one useful post, it will do very well. You’ll see some examples of that here on Bit Rebels.

9. Write About An Opinion That You Have That Is Different From The Masses – This type of article always seems to get great page views. For example, I love my Android 2.0 phone much better than my iPhone. It is hands down superior to me. This opinion does not follow the masses, so I plan to write an article with facts to back up my opinion. I’m confident it will do well and I hope it is the catalyst for some great conversations.

10. Write a Post About Post Ideas! ;)

I would like to credit the trial’s photostream for the fabulous” pencils” main image in this post. You can check out his Flickr photostream here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thetrial