10 Tips To Help You Formulate The Best Status Updates [Infographic]

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you know the moment you get lazy when it comes to your updates is the same moment you will notice a difference in the engagement from your fans, friends and followers. It’s not always easy to keep your head above water with all the social sites we’re all trying to manage. I know that firsthand. But when your consistency and quality remains high, the rewards are high also. This article will help you formulate the best status updates possible.

One person who has definitely mastered the art of composing the best status updates on Facebook is Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal. About two weeks ago, he celebrated 1,000,000 Facebook fans, and since then he’s accumulated over 38,000 more. When I go to his page, I get lost there. I just want to stay there and read more and more. That’s the x-factor that’s you’ll notice in all the social updates we all love to read.

We’ve featured several infographics like this one, but now matter how it’s presented, this information never gets old. There is always more we can learn about this topic, and more we can tweak in our own approaches. This infographic is called 10 Quick Tips And Examples For Better Status Updates, and it’s a collaboration between ShortStack and The Social Skinny.

Just like the title implies, it goes through 10 quick tips that will spawn engagement and interest from your Facebook fans or friends. I have never heard about adding a “P.S.” before, so I’m looking forward to giving that one a try. I also like that it suggests that we shouldn’t always ask a question. Questions get old sometimes, and I think cutting back every so often on the questions is good advice. If you would like to read more about how to create the best status updates, you can click over to How To Create Effective Posts On The 4 Main Social Sites. Good luck!

Tips To Help You Formulate The Best Status Updates


Via: [Social Media Today]