7 Types Of Social Media Fans And Followers Of Brands [Infographic]

These days, most brands use social media to raise brand awareness and build a loyal following of customers and potential customers. If you are a brand, you have probably noticed it is a very diverse group of people who follow you. I’ve even noticed it on our Bit Rebels fan page. You can see it in the comments people leave when they like and share our content. According to this infographic, there are 7 popular types of fans and followers who follow brands in social media.

As a brand, if you can learn how to identify the different types of fans and followers who follow your brand, you’ll be able to connect with each one more effectively through your comments and content. You’ll be able to identify which ones are potential customers or sales leads, and which ones aren’t. If you want to be able to fine tune this even more for Twitter specifically, you can click over to How To Accurately Identify Twitter Sales Leads.

So, what are the 7 popular types of social media fans and followers of brands? It turns out; they are very similar to the people who follow your personal social media accounts. In other words, some are shy and quiet, some are always ranting about something, some are unhappy, some are like online cheerleaders, and some are there just because they genuinely like the things that you post. That is what makes social media such a wonderful place. It’s the diversity of people all around the world who come together to contribute in one humongous community.

This infographic called 7 Popular Types Of Social Media Fans And How To Make The Most Of Them by ReachLocal illustrates them all nicely. There is a well-written corresponding article to this here on Pamorama if you’d like more information. Enjoy!

The Social Media Fans And Followers Of Brands

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Via: [Social Media Today]