10 Ways To Use Reels To Grow Your Brand and Audience (On Instagram)

Reels are trending on Instagram. With Reels you can reach a wide audience rapidly, and there’s a good chance of going viral if you use them correctly. This guide will show you how you can use Reels to grow your brand and audience on Instagram.

Creating and sharing Instagram Reels is a great way to grow your brand and audience on Instagram. If you promote your brand or business on Instagram, you should include Reels in your marketing strategy.

These short-form videos are entertaining and easy to watch for users on the Platform. A June 2022 study revealed that Instagram Reels had a much higher user reach than standard posts on the platform.

You should be focusing on Reels to market your brand on Instagram. With Reels, you can increase Instagram views to help boost your visibility on the platform.

You can buy real Instagram views on your Reels to help attract more attention to your Reels. If you’re not sure what a Reel is or how to create one, this guide will fill you in on the world of Insta-Reels.

We’ll also look at how you can use Reels to grow your brand and audience on Instagram.

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What Is An Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels is a short-form video feature available for both iOS and Android Instagram users. With Instagram Reels, you shoot, edit, and publish these videos on Instagram. Reels are full-screen vertical 15, 30, 60, or 90-second long videos allowing users to create fun and easy-to-watch video content.

Use exciting effects to produce entertaining, unique, and eye-catching video clips. These editing and video processing tools include:

  • Changing the speed of videos
  • Overlaying videos with music
  • Adding special effects, filters, captions, stickers, interactive backgrounds, and more.

You will find Reels in the Reels tab on your Instagram profile and the Explore tab. You can share your Reels in your Story, feed, or directly with another Instagram account holder. Your Reels remain permanently on your account (unless you delete them manually).

If your account is public, users may come across your Reels in their searches for hashtags or songs used in your Reels. Like TikTok, the Instagram Reels tab provides an infinite scrollable feed of trending Reels to watch, making them easily accessible.

How To Create An Instagram Reel

It’s simple to create and publish your own Reels. You need to have the latest version of Instagram installed to access the Reels feature.

If you’ve never created a Reel before, here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Click the plus icon on the top right of your profile and then select “Reel.”
  2. When in Reels mode, you then choose the settings you wish to apply to your Reel, like length of video, music overlay, effects, and speed. You can also stitch together multiple video clips or upload clips from your gallery to add to your current Reel.
  3. When you’re ready, push the record button, and you’ll see a countdown before your video starts recording. A progress bar while recording ensures you stay within your chosen time limit for the Reel.
  4. Once you’ve finished recording your video, select “Preview” on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to preview your Reel.
  5. After preview, you can edit your Reel further with the original and additional editing options like voiceover and alignment options.
  6. The last step is to publish your Reel by selecting the “Share To” button at the bottom right of the screen. You will be taken to the publishing screen where you can write a caption, choose a cover, add hashtags, and publish your Reel.

Can You Buy Real Instagram Views For Reels?

Yes! It is possible to buy real Instagram views for your Reels. There are various Instagram growth service providers and websites from which you can buy views for Instagram. You can buy real Instagram views from skweezer.net for example.

It’s a good idea to buy cheap Instagram video views, especially when you want to grow your brand and audience on Instagram. If you buy Instagram views cheap, it’s a proven way to raise your engagement rate and visibility of your content on Instagram (without spending a ton of cash trying to do so). Videos and Reels with higher view counts attract more attention from users and may lead to your Reels featuring on the Explore page.

If you do decide to buy Instagram video views, ensure you only buy views on Instagram which are derived from high quality real active user accounts offered by a reputable and trustworthy Instagram growth service.

Ways To Use Reels To Grow Your Brand And Audience

The Instagram algorithm currently favors Reels as a content type on Instagram. This means that if you post high-quality Reels that attract a lot of engagement, your Reels will become visible on the platform to users who don’t even follow you.

It’s important to harness this benefit of Reels to significantly grow your brand and audience on Instagram. Reels allow you to be creative, connect with your target audience, and reach a wider audience.

To help you on your way, here are 10 ways in which you can use Reels to grow your brand and audience on Instagram:

1. Repurpose Old Content

Use content you already have at your disposal. Repurposing old content gives you a quick and easy way to get Reels out to your audience. You can alter videos and images you have stored or share old posts and Stories with Reels. Get creative. Remember to keep the repurposed content relevant and updated to be effective.

2. Highlight Your Brand, Business, And Employees

Highlight and show what your brand or business values and what it does. People love seeing who the individuals are behind the brands, products, and services they love. Use Reels to show your audience who your employees are and a glimpse of their roles.

It helps your audience feel connected to your brand. Your employees will also feel more valued and motivated by the recognition you’re giving them.

3. Showcase Your Products Or Services And How They Work

This tip is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing. Showcase your products and services in Reels and what makes them unique or different from your competitors. Consumers love seeing videos of how products or services work. It helps build trust in products or services before they’re purchased from you.

4. Sneek-Peek Videos

Create hype about new products or services you will launch soon by creating sneak-peek videos. Everyone loves a bit of intrigue and excitement about what’s coming, especially if it’s from a brand they already love. Users also share and engage more with your Reels when there’s something new on its way.

5. Follow Trends

Follow current trends such as using specific filters or effects that are trending, incorporating music overlays of trending music, or creating Reels themed to trending holidays or events. Research what’s trending in your niche industry, and hop on creating trending Reels while the trend is hot. Search for Reel trends on the Explore page through hashtags or audio clips.

6. Leverage User-Generated Content

Leverage user-generated content, with permission from the content creator, to create relatable Reels to connect with your audience. Creating Reels showing great customer reviews will help build trust in your brand. Share Reels of customers actually using your products or services in real life, drawing in more potential customers.

7. Create Listicles And Checklist Videos

Users are drawn to listicles and checklist Reels because they’re easy to watch, informative, entertaining, and are short.

8. Behind The Scenes Videos

Reels that show behind-the-scenes footage of how your brand or business operates day-to-day or how your products are actually made, help to humanize your brand. This content provides insight to users on your creative processes and aids in showing your authenticity. It builds brand loyalty, connection, and appreciation as customers see the care and effort that goes into making the products they love.

9. Short Tutorial Videos

Create short tutorial video Reels to educate and show users how to use your products or services. This is great for marketing your brand. You could even collaborate with influencers and get them to show your audience how they use your products or services, creating wide exposure for your brand. Giving users tips in Reels is also effective in creating popular Reels.

10. Blooper Reels

Blooper Reels are a definite win in a marketing strategy. They’re funny, light-hearted, entertaining, and can go viral on Instagram. Sharing blooper Reels is a great way to relate to your audience, as it shows you are authentic and quirky.

Takeaway: Use Reels To Get Instagram Views

Reels provide a great strategy to grow your brand and audience on Instagram. To get Instagram views by using Reels, you need to create high-quality, authentic, and relatable content. Maintain brand consistency in your Reels and publish your Reels at a time when your target audience is most active online.

Instagram views are important when it comes to Reels. The more views your Reels have, the more visible your content will be on Instagram leading to organic growth of your followers.

If you’re struggling to get momentum in views on your Reels, you can buy views on Instagram to boost the visibility of your Reels. Try creating some of the Reel ideas we listed above. It will help boost your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level. Get creative and get recording.

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