Simple Guide To Making A Viral Video [Infographic]

There are more and more people uploading photos and videos to the Internet every day. We all know that photography has become really popular, and the photo apps and sharing services have increased exponentially. One thing people seem to forget is that there are plenty of video services on the Internet, and they are growing quite fast, if not faster than the photo sharing services. YouTube, with its over 50 clones, is flooded with videos each and every day.

I am a huge YouTube fan, and I probably watch 20-30 videos a day while I work. There are new viral videos spawning on a daily basis, but is there really a sure way to create a video that will go viral when you upload it? Maybe this simple guide will put you on the right path.

This simple guide comes from Egomonk (design by Vigneshwar Shankar) and should definitely give you some nice pointers. It’s put together after analyzing a ton of videos that have gone viral over the years, and it gives us some hard facts about what really works. This simple guide (or should I say infographic) is called How To Make A Viral Video and takes you through 17 different factors that could possibly make your videos go viral.

A viral video could mean huge and instant success for a new website, so it’s no wonder people are so furiously trying to create them. Sometimes they are just craziness and humor, but every once in a while, they are actually educational and interesting. However, it’s far easier to make a video go viral if it has some kind of humor in it that we haven’t seen before. Doing something out of this world also seems to work quite well.

What they all have in common is that most viral videos are short. This is something that this simple guide points out quite well. I like it when the facts and information are presented to us in short and effective bursts, which don’t take up too much of our time and keep us from meeting our deadlines. This infographic does that brilliantly, and this is probably the same reason why people like short videos in general. They are easier to watch, which makes them simpler to catch on and go viral since the world we’re living in is spinning ever faster.

Have a look at this simple guide and see if you are doing it right. Creating a viral video is not rocket science. It comes down to what you have to offer and how quickly it grabs the viewer. The core tips I can derive from this simple guide are to keep your videos short, grab the viewers attention quickly and make sure they have the ability to share and promote your video easily and effectively to their own following and friends. These three things are key to a video going viral. Now it’s just up to you to create something that is appealing enough to be shared. Easy task, right?

Simple Guide To Making A Viral Video

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