12 Important Things To Do After Writing Your Post [Infographic]

We are often asked here at Bit Rebels how we are able to write as much as we do. Well, I think it all boils down to inspiration and that we still feel it’s great fun to be able to share cool things with you, our readers. Diana and I often get into talking about it, and we always end it with there is nothing else we would rather do. It just runs in our veins these days. Sure, sometimes writing can become a little overwhelming depending on what else we have booked into our schedule that day. After all, writing doesn’t even scratch the surface of what we do here at Bit Rebels. There is literally no end to the things that are going on behind the scenes to help us bring out even more content, and to make you guys as happy as we possibly can.

It is funny how people think that as soon as you have finished writing your article and either published it or scheduled it for publishing at a later time, the job is done. That couldn’t be further from the truth. No one is going to find your content if you don’t promote it. It will just sit there awaiting traffic that will never come. It could be the best post ever written, but if no one knows about it, little will happen to it and it will rapidly be pushed into the shadows of yesterday’s failures.

In order to grow your traffic and to let people see what you have compiled, it is ultimately important to always know that writing an article is just the beginning of a 12-step process for getting that article out into the online community. You don’t have to be a master of them all in order to pull off a viral article. All you need to do is pretty much follow the 12 steps and try and complete them as best you know how.

What are the 12 steps you might ask? Well, the first thing you have to do we have already talked about, it’s actually to write the article itself. The rest of the steps are carefully outlined in this highly useful infographic called 12 Things To Do After You’ve Written A New Blog Post, from DivvyHQ. It’s designed by BrocktonCG and will take you through the whole process in a carefully sectioned manner.

So, next time you set out to write a new blog post that you want the entire world to see, have a look at this infographic to make sure your content is completely setup to show up on people’s “viewfinder” on their screens. Your content is as valuable as anyone else’s. It’s just that some people know how to get their content out there. That is one of the main reasons why some websites are doing better than others.

Of course, it has a lot to do with what they write about and how well they write it as well. However, if you can’t get it out in front of people on social networking services, social bookmarking sites or even into their email boxes, your article will simply sit idle while someone else is doing everything they can to get their stuff out there. Using this small guide could potentially launch your blog into orbital circulation before you even start writing your next article. A good blog post is a post that is seen. It’s as simple as that.

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Via: [SocialMotus]