14 Instagram Accounts To Follow To Take Care Of Yourself

It’s no secret that we all love anything that gives you confidence and vision of personal development. We may advise digital detox to work on yourself; sometimes, nothing beats a good dose of power straight from Instagram to boost your oxytocin level. Here are our picks of the best Instagram accounts to regain self-confidence with millions of Instagram followers and give you a daily dose of self-care.

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Self-Care Is For Everyone

This Instagram account helps people understand the importance of recognizing their own struggles with their mental health through beautiful illustrations that make you reflect. If you are looking for space that honors the importance of self-care and mental well-being, visit this account.

Motivation Mondays

Start each week off on the right foot with Motivation Mondays. Do not be fooled by the name; this account publishes photos of spectacular landscapes accompanied by a motivational quote to improve your mood every day.

Humans Of New York

If you are looking to motivate yourself or be inspired by other people’s stories, you should follow Humans of New York. This popular account started as a Facebook page and was extended to Instagram a few years back. If you want to learn positivity or find inspiration from people facing adverse circumstances or just brighten up your day with a stunning photo, follow this account.

The Good Quote

This is the most popular motivational account on Instagram. Meggan Roxanne, who is the owner of this account, focuses on advocating for wellness, self-care, and self-development through her quote posts and inspirational videos.

Curated By girls

This account shows that every female body is beautiful, regardless of its complexion. Do you feel self-conscious about not having shaved? This account indicates that there should be no problem in not abiding by the stereotypes imposed by society.

Scars, body hair, stretch marks, or cellulite are just marks that make us more unique. Everybody deserves to be respected, and that is what this account makes clear to us.

Koan Tarot

What we love about this Instagram account is that it has high doses of wisdom, magic, and good vibes. Koan is a girl who reads the tarot-like few other people in this world, truly connecting you with ideas that will inspire you to draw your inner light, full of strength and power.

It is a feminine connection, intense, and that she can guide you so that this reading helps you in the things that cause you uncertainty. Each photograph leaves us a lesson, explains the meaning of the letters, and also offers workshops to learn to observe and intuit, two things that we have completely lost in the world (but that you can recover). Does it show that we love Koan? The best of our Instagram feed.

Female Resonance

What we love about this Instagram account after studying all its photos and its message is that the objective is that we understand the importance of self-love and self-care.

Understand our being-woman, our importance, and change our perspective of life towards something more positive about what we see in the mirror. This is the medicine of the earth for women. Phrases full of motivation, with the message of feminine empowerment that we need every day.


This profile will tell you that the light you are looking for is in you. You will learn about cosmic connections and how they can be a good influence in your life. You will enter the world of star reading, and you will be fascinated by everything they have to say.

Erica Noemí is the astrologer who is in charge of sharing her own vision and interpretation of the sky and the stars. And according to her website, her objective is to promote “the understanding and acceptance of her own experiences, through our experiences.”

Isidora Urzúa

Isi Urzúa is known for being part of the podcast and radio show, Caseritas, which, together with Eleonora Aldea, she does every day to talk about motherhood, mental health, feminism, and the complications of daily and home life. On her Instagram, in addition to publishing her daily life, she also reads the tarot and shares her interpretation every week with his readers.

Pablo Flores

Pablo Flores Laymuns is an astrologer, a comprehensive Gestalt therapist, Freedom Healing Practitioner, and a Civil Industrial Engineer UC and author of the book “Healing Relationships. On his Instagram account, you will find complete analyzes of the astrological influences on the couple and family relationships.

Ser Elemental

This account is dedicated to our understanding of the importance of Self – love, and self-care. You will always find beautiful messages, motivating and with advice on female empowerment, which sometimes we need to remember.

My Better Self

With her 297,000 followers on this image dedicated papp, Louise, aka mybetter_self, has made it her mission to reclaim her body by breaking free from beauty standards, by stopping self-censorship to do the same. At the origin of the #onveutduvrai movement, she campaigned daily for more representation of shapes and colors in society, the media, and advertising.

Also, she is very involved in the themes of nutrition and eating disorders; her profile inspires us to get rid of the diet culture. Photo after photo, we regain self-confidence, and we dare to eat, drink, and dance without complex.

Twelve February

It’s the Instagram account that tells the story of Julie, burned since February 12, 2013. We discover, on the one hand, the physical consequences of her accident, which earned her three months of artificial coma and a year of re-education.

But also, the fight of mental rehabilitation that she had to lead in parallel. On Instagram, Julie tells us how her entourage, sport, and social networks have allowed her to rebuild herself. And that motivates us to have the courage to be ourselves and learn to accept ourselves at 4000%.

I Am Laetitia

If you don’t know ‘I am Laetitia’ yet, now is the time to do it! Badass of the extreme, she left her job in finance to give life to her inner fitness girl.  Through her 48 ′ Badass, she raises self-confidence as much as cardio because she teaches you to love your stretch marks, your cellulite, and your folds when you sit down. In short, take care of yourself and reconcile yourself with your body through sport.

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