25 Ways To Get Highly Engaged Instagram Followers [Inforgraphic]

Instagram, perhaps one of the most popular social media networks available is all driven by followers. The picture-sharing network can be a lonely place without it. But followers should not be your main concern. Your focus should be on getting as many engaging followers as possible, or your Instagram account may very well be useless. Well, that is if you are using the network to give other people the chance to check your photos. There are a lot of services out there promising you a landslide of Instagram followers at a price, don’t fall for it. The level of engagement you will get is equal to zero and will not do your account any good.

What I have found to be sad is that a large portion of Instagram’s users rate your account by how many followers you have. It’s a repetition of what happened to Twitter when it first started to gain traction. People wanted followers, thousands of them, and fast as well. They grew their following to an almost insane amount. However, their follower’s engagement is equal to zero. If you’re after the quick but oh so vain “Wow! You have a lot of followers!” then go for it! However, if you want to get influence, then my sincerest suggestion would be to grow your following slow and organically.

Accumulating Instagram followers is not hard, getting followers that are engaging is a whole other story. On my personal Instagram account, I only have 386 followers (at the current time), and I have had my account for almost three years now. That is all fine with me as my followers are engaging enough to make me feel like I still enjoy being on Instagram. Of course, I would be happy to get more Instagram followers as I would get the opportunity to get to know more people from around the world.

So, how do you get highly engaged Instagram followers? While browsing around on the Internet, I stumbled across a great infographic called “25 Ways To Get Highly Engaged Instagram Followers” (created by Brandon[Gaille]). It outlines great ways through which you can get engaging followers just by doing what you do best, networking. Instagram is no different than other social networking services. As a matter of fact, it’s driven by the same people that you have connected with on other networks.

People love Instagram for its easy to use user interface and quick results. If you show people that you are engaging, just as they are, they will follow you as well. If they like what you post, they will engage. It is literally as simple as that. The below 25 tips will allow you find Instagram followers that are likely to engage with you and your posts. That is what you want, right?

If you have any other tips on how to get more engaged Instagram followers, please comment in the comment section below. Let’s continue the list and see if we can’t grow our Instagram accounts with engaging followers. Feel free to follow me and be sure to engage and I will do the same.

Tips On How To Get Engaging Instagram Followers

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