18 Best Tools To Analyze Your Twitter Hotness

Pretty much everyone that joins Twitter has a certain plan in mind to conquer this highly respected social media networking tool. Of course, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to master the ins and outs of Twitter, but there are plenty of guides out there that will teach you how to do it. There is; however, some simple advice that I can share with you and that is to always be yourself and to tweet what it is that is closest to your heart. People who follow you will see your dedication and the love that you hold for whatever it is you’re passionate about.

Once you have mastered the simplest of guides, you will of course want to see the impact you are having on your followers, and how much they appreciate you on Twitter. This is not such a hard task cause there are a bunch of tools out there that are just waiting for you to use them. Some are free and others operate for a small fee (if you want to have the more advanced features available).

I would suggest you check out the free ones first and see if that is enough information for you or if you and your brand need further features for you to be able to analyze and make decisions about how you should proceed with your upward spiraling progression. So, I have taken some time to track down a few tools you could use to analyze your influence on Twitter so you don’t have to scurry around the Internet just trying to find them. Without further ado, here are 18 tools for you to try out. Enjoy!


This is one of the more comprehensive tools around, and it’s free to some extent. All you need to do is login using your Twitter account, and all the reports are available to you. Some people feel insecure when they login using their Twitter account, but it’s perfectly safe. You never give away your user information. All you are doing is letting Twitter authorize the login, and it keeps your information safe.

Available Reports: Impact, Influence, Engagement, Generosity, Velocity, Clout and more


This one is relatively new (to me anyway), and when I first tried it out, I was amazed by the information it gave me. It will inspire you to do better and find other ways to reach your Twitter goals. With a clear interface and a colorful presentation of information, you can’t help but be impressed by the number of interesting facts you will get by just entering your Twitter username.

Available Reports: True Reach, Amplification, Network, Unique Retweeters and more


This is a simple way to measure your influence on Twitter. User interface might seem a little dark and cluttered, but the results are alright even though it doesn’t really give you that much information about how you are doing as a Twitterer. However, there are some statistics that are worth checking out for a full report. This tool could definitely be used in conjunction with all the others to further populate the results.

Available Reports: Rank, 2nd-Order Followers, Velocity, Social Capital and Centralization


This tool has interesting information with regards to your Twitter stream only. It has nothing to do with your impact or your content. This one helps you understand your behavior on Twitter and with colorful and simple to read graphs and tables, you’ll understand your tweets better than any of the other apps. In combination with the other tools, this one is certainly an invaluable tool to use when creating your influence report.

Available Reports: Tweets/Day, Tweets/Month, Density, Interfaces Used and more


This one is unique and fun to keep track of while truly helping you understand your Twitter stream. It doesn’t really give you that comprehensive and sometimes exhaustive information. This tool simply helps you keep an active view on how many followers you gain or lose for each tweet you send out. The effect is immediate and you get a clear view what your followers are most interested in.

Available Reports: Followers Gained Per Tweet, Followers Lost Per Tweet


This is a tool to keep track of your followers. It helps you to keep an eye on how many followers you gain or lose every day. It’s not much of an immediate tool, but it gives you valuable information about your followers tendency to follow or unfollow you. This way, you can analyze your stream and quickly understand why your influence made them leave you or why they decided to follow you.

Available Reports: Daily Gained Followers, Daily Lost Followers, Rank and more


This is a tool that has been around for a while now. It mostly tracks your rank on Twitter, but it also presents some rather interesting information. It monitors your clout, frequency and the amount of interaction and followers you gain. All this is bundled into a rank for you which you will be able to check per city, state or country. It’s valuable information if you’re focusing on a certain location for your account.

Available Reports: Twitter Rank, Followers, Tweets, Content and more


This one doesn’t really fall directly into this category, but I thought I would mention it because of its superior tracking mechanisms. Bit.ly is the perfect tool to use if you want to monitor and analyze your every tweet. It will present with everything worth knowing about each status update or tweet. This includes whether it was successful or not in terms of clicks, retweets and more. It’s the perfect addition to the other tools.

Available Reports: Clicks, Retweets, Shortening of Tweets and much more


This is one of the more advanced and visually appealing tools available. It will show you a mention map which pretty much means that you will be able to see in a unique way who is talking about you and who they are connected to. It certainly helps if you’re interacting a lot cause otherwise your map will be quite empty. It’s a really good tool to use to track your own interactions as well. It’s totally worth including when doing your report.

Available Reports: Gives you a clear report on who is mentioning you in conversation


This one is exactly what the name implies. It won’t give you a comprehensive list of information, but it will calculate your conversation skills and the way you are mentioned and base all that information on a Twitter Ration. With a ratio under 1.0 you seek knowledge. If you’re around 1.0 you are respected and if you’re at around 10.0 you’re a Twitter rockstar. It gives you a solid indication about how you developing on Twitter.

Available Reports: Twitter Ratio


This tool is somewhat of an outsider really. It gives you some minor important information that might come in handy if added to the results of all the other reports. The user interface is that of an early Internet website, but the statistics are clearly presented. Maybe it wouldn’t be the first site to visit if you want to analyze your Twitter stream, but it is well worthy a try.

Available Reports: Top 5 Words, Top @’s, Top 5 Links and Tweets by Day


This is not much of a tool to analyze your stream, but it gives you one important fact. That is, how popular you are on Twitter? Whether or not it works, I don’t know really. I tried it out and it gave me a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius and a quote saying “Get your head in the game! Tweet up or go home!” – by the looks of it… well I will let you decide for yourself if it’s useful or not.

Available Reports: Your Twitter Temperature


This is a really comprehensive and useful tool to measure your Twitter influence, and how you’re doing on Twitter. There are a slew of tools and reports to check out and analyze. If there could be only one tool to measure your Twitter influence, then this would be the one in my opinion. It’s neatly presented, and an overload of information which you can tweet or ad to your final report. It’s maybe a tad dark interface for my taste.

Available Reports: Readers Reach, Unique Readers Reach, Hashtags and much more


This is a truly informative tool, and the results are well worth checking out. It gives you a crystal clear view about how far your tweets reach, and about how many people have laid eyes on them via your last 50 tweets. The results are easy to understand, and you can even extend the report to up to 1,500 tweets if you sign up (which will set you back $20). I can see myself checking out these reports to get a better picture of my influence.

Available Reports: Tweet Reach, Overall Exposure, Who Contributed and more


This is a simple tool to use, but a somewhat boring tool since it will only show you who has the most influence based on how many followers they have. While trying out the tool, I didn”t manage to get any results at all, meaning it didn’t show my search. It only brought me back to the front page, so I think that the search function is wonky. It’s entirely about how many followers you have.

Availabe Reports: Follower based influence ranking


This is a solid and fun tool to check out who follows you, what hashtags are being used, etc… It’s not much of an analyzer tool, but it gives you valuable information to add to your influence report. You will get a ranking of yourself based on what hashtags and keywords you’re following. The interface is quite appealing, and it’s easy to data mine and work out who you need to follow in order to reach the right audience.

Available Reports: Keyword/Hashtag based ranking report


This is a great and appealing tool to use. It gives some of the most accurate and interesting information to make a crystal clear picture of how you are influencing the Twitterati. It doesn’t only give you the statistics, but also informs you of how you are doing by text as well as gives you some pointers about how you can increase your statistics. The way the tool presents the information is easy to read and comprehend.

Available Reports: Influence, Popularity, Engagement and Trust


This is a genuine and creative tool to monitor your influence by realtime keyword scanning. It will give you endless information about who is mentioning or retweeting you in realtime. If you want to check out who is RT’ing you right when you publish/tweet an article or link, Monitter is the perfect tool for you. In combination with the other tools, this one is an invaluable realtime report provider.

Available Reports: Realtime keyword reporting and analyzing