22 Ways To Create Compelling Content For Your Blog [Infographic]

Starting a blog can seem quite daunting if you have no idea what to make the blog about. At the same time, it can be the most inspiring endeavor you can think of. Just the possibility of being able to reach out to a seemingly unlimited number of people is enough to make your head start spinning. But as always, everyone’s blog can’t become a success, regardless of how long you have been at it. It all depends on the broadness of your topics, and how well you can captivate your reader base. Creating a blog about the lead in your pencils might not appeal to a large reader base, but the way you write your articles about it might. So, whatever your heart beats for, create a blog about it even though you see no real growth happening anytime soon in that area. More eye catching miracles have happened than that, so just keep pushing.

But if you want to reach a broad base of readers, the best thing you can do is to try and research what seems to be in the spotlight of subjects at the moment. There are no doubt topics that everyone is talking about within your niche, and tapping in on that and voicing your opinion about it might just send your blog off into orbital circulation. Finding that information out shouldn’t be too hard either. All you really need to do is stay updated on what the larger blogs are writing about, what seems to be popular on social bookmarking sites, etc. and then add your two cents to it. Be original and make sure you tap into an aspect that has not been written about until you do.

Then there is this choice about being transparent or taunting people’s reactions. What that basically means is that when you write your posts, you have the choice of either staying transparent or taking sides. Being transparent means that you pretty much have no opinion about what you write about. You just deliver the facts and let your readers decide what in your subject is good or bad. Taking sides is a more in your face kind of technique to get your readers’ reactions. You simply blast your opinion out there and let people either agree or disagree with what you have to share.

The latter has been proven to generate more reader interaction; however, it’s also documented that it brings with it more trolling and mean spirited comments of all kinds. But, as you are probably aware of right now, the choice is yours. Whatever approach you decide to take, always make sure you do your best to captivate your readers, and you should see substantial growth in the number of readers who visit your blog over a short period of time.

Now we are back to talk about blog topics. What should you write about, and what exactly is appealing? Well, we have already gone through the process of researching what people are talking about at the moment. Next we have to decide what kind of post we want to write about it. It can be anything from a top 10 list or just a review of your favorite product, service or app. There are of course a million different choices of topics to write about, and to help you decide, Copyblogger created a quite resourceful infographic called 22 Ways To Create Compelling Content.

Keep your subject in mind and then skim through this list of appealing content ideas. You can then find one that fits your subject the best. All that is left is for you to do is write something that you think will capture the interest of the demographic that you want to attract. I have a humble word of advice though, make sure you put some effort into your posts or articles since that will determine the level of interest in the end when your post is published.

There are no shortcuts to creating a popular blog. You have to put in long hours and a lot of hard work in order to pull off a success, and even that doesn’t guarantee that it will become successful at all. It’s all about timing, posts and articles, your ability to share your content on a large scale, and the hard work you put into perfecting your writing, proofing and editing. If all of these things align, you are most definitely destined for success soon.