25 Brain Lubricants To Generate Creative Ideas For Your Blog [Chart]

If you are a blogger, artist, innovator or any other type of creative person, you know that fresh ideas can be hard to come by sometimes. True creativity can’t be forced, which is why sometimes the more you try, the more it runs away. It’s the reason why ‘sleeping on a problem’ is often a good idea since the answer many times seems clear in the morning. However, there are all kinds of things you can do to gently coax yourself into creativity. These 25 brain lubricants can help.

This chart called 25 Brain Lubricants For Generating Ideas by Feldman Creative is a simple yet inspiring chart based on a blog post with the same name on Convince & Convert. As of this moment, I have written 3,890 blog posts here on Bit Rebels. So, I know firsthand what it feels like to get stuck sometimes when you sit down to write a blog post.

If I can humbly offer you a bit of advice, I would say to keep writing through those times. If you stop, you’ll lose all your momentum, and then suddenly you’ll have two problems instead of one. Just keep writing through it and let the feeling pass. You’ll be back on your game again before you know it. When creative ideas are few and far between, don’t focus on that. Just keep moving forward, or at least that works for me.

Another thing that helps me is sleep. I typically only sleep 5 – 6 hours per night. When the stress of the day is robbing me of creative ideas, usually an hour of sleep reboots my brain back to normal. These tips for generating ideas are very simple, which is why I like this chart. They are just basic things you can do to shift your thinking and get your creative juices flowing again. What are the things you do to generate creative ideas? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Ease Yourself Into Generating Creative Ideas


Via: [Social Media Today]