10 Ways To Become A Twitter Mega Celebrity

Twitter has truly changed the game when it comes to social networking fame and fortune. It hasn’t really become easier to become a celebrity but the tools are simplified, and if used right, you can really create a career for yourself as a social media superstar. There have been many examples of this in the last few years and there are no signs that is going to change anytime soon. So, what keeps you from becoming the next big thing in the trending topics of, for example, Twitter? The answer is, nothing really.

Approaching this task the right way is really the key to success. Make yourself available to the genuine events that come your way and never feel you are hitting it from the wrong angle because you’ll never know unless you try. Many celebrities have found that in times of total defeat, things have started to work for them. It’s a matter of time versus grind really.

To help you on your way to become the next Twitter mega celebrity, I have compiled 10 unique ways that will increase your chances to reach you desired goal. It’s all in the genuine approach you decide to use to attack the task…

1. Tweet In Zero Gravity Space

This approach is probably the hardest and most complicated way to go about your dream of becoming a true Twitter celebrity. It depends on so many factors and if you succeed, then there is no doubt you will become the next Twitter celebrity. So, what to do?

First, make sure you have $500,000 in your account and that all your current bills are paid. Then, approach Virgin Galactic and deliver your interest in purchasing a ticket on the first flight into suborbital space where you will experience zero gravity. Go through the 3-day preparation program that is mandatory and then just await your launch date. Oh, don’t forget (preferably before take off) to bring your cell phone if you are allowed to login to your account and tweet while in zero gravity. If you are the first tweeter to tweet from a zero gravity tourism flight, you have exceedingly increased your chances of becoming a true Twitter celebrity. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures. They will be your assurance that you will remain a Twitter celebrity until they are all tweeted.

Chance of success: 0.2%

2. ASCII Tweet Follower Portraits

It has become a real force on Twitter, and I see it everyday. It’s increasing in quantity. Even though I personally don’t like it, there are some rather nice designs tweeted every now and then. What you need to do is to start a new Twitter account and name it “Twitter_Portraits”. Then, use one of those ASCII converters where you can upload a photo and then it will be converted into an ASCII picture.

What’s important here is to use the TwitLonger to tweet out your portraits. 140 characters won’t take you very long, and if you’re going to take people’s profile pictures and convert them into nice looking ASCII portraits, you really should use this service. Also, setting up an entirely new website called “TwitterPortraits.com” is probably a good thing since you will then have a central place to file all your portraits for people to come back and check them out.

Try focusing on celebrity portraits from the beginning to increase interest. Don’t forget to tweet people that you have ASCIIlized them for one or more retweets.

Chance of success: 80%

3. Geek Tweet Nerd Stuff

Are you a geek? Well, then this is surely for you. First, make sure you have a long and well furnished background as a geek. This approach is quite simple if you know what being a geek entails. Find the most geekish and unique content you can find on the Internet or by visiting stores all around the world. We’re not just talking about ordinary geek stuff like the new iPhone OS or things like that. We’re talking real geek-sweet stuff like “The Snuggie For Geeks” and things in that direction and topic. If you stay in that area, and do your research each and every time you tweet, your geek findings have a huge chance of getting you a large following.

The key to success here is to be first. Always stay on top of things and never lag. As we all know, lag is what geeks hate the most and it will put you at the end of geek line ashamed and overlooked. It’s crucial that you’re quick thinking and learn the genre by heart so you really know what is appreciated and what’s not. If your heart knows what’s cool, then you’re a true geek. Period.

Chance of success: 60%

4. Tweet Interview The TMZ Staff – Tabloid Style

By now we all know about TMZ. It’s the tabloid celebrity news site that first reported that our beloved legend Michael Jackson had passed. Their journalistic ways are ones that we all love, hate and also love to hate. Why not put them on the spot? Make it a mission to track down their reporters and live tweet tabloid style interviews with them to find out what they have hidden in their own closets.

The way to succeed here is to do your research properly. These guys have a huge network which reports to them about pretty much everything from sightings, locations, unofficial and official tabloid goodies which they then follow up. If you have already have a moderately big follower base you could probably pull this one off. I assure you that your followers will dig it a lot.

Just make sure you have all that it takes to pull it off. What is that then you might ask? Well, you have to have the balls to put them in the spotlight cause chances are big that they will repay the “kindness” and make you the object of pursuit thus making you a one of a kind Twitter Celebrity.

Chances of success: 10%

5. Live Tweet Your Visits To The Dentist

Even though this won’t make you the average Twitter mega star celebrity, it will still give you quite a lot of spotlight. This is probably the most painful approach to becoming a Twitter mega celebrity. However, if you’re committed to becoming one, then just download an easy to use (big buttons) Twitter client to your cell phone and go on your merry way down to the dentist when you are scheduled.

When seated comfortably in the dentist chair start your twittering. You’ll probably be getting some anesthetics to relieve some of that pain when the drill comes along. However, not getting any of that will probably push up the impressive factor even more.

When the drilling commences, bring up your audio recording app and start recording the ordeal and live tweet it, post it to your blog or even live stream it through USTREAM and get peoples immediate reactions. If you’re lucky you can even live chat with them with a video of yourself getting that cavity fixed. If you’re not immune to pain, then politely ask the collaborative nurse to hold the phone while you get drilled. She probably has a more steady hand than you at that particular moment.

Your celebrity fame stunt might make you a mega celebrity for a short time, but if you keep it up, then you are most likely to receive a fan base worthy of a true celebrity. Just look at the Jackass guys.

Chance of success: 50%

6. Tweet Date Your Future Virtual Wife iJustine

Here’s a tricky one but if you can pull it off, you’ll for sure become a Twitter celebrity of class. iJustine is one of Twitter’s most celebrated geek sweethearts. She’s always showing off her skills as a master geek lady reporting on new events and gadgets. She is even sometimes referred to as the poster girl of Apple.

Here’s the approach: Little is known about iJustines personal life and as far as we know, she’s single, at least virtually. The trick is to get her attention and ask her out on a Tweet Date where you get to know her a little better. It all will be broadcast over the Twitter universe and most likely catch the interest of iJustine’s fans. The entire 1,144,376 flock that she has (as of 04/18-2010).

Depending on your smoothness and your ability to prove to people that you’re worthy of their following grace, this could potentially propel you into Twitter super stardom. However, always remember that when that virtual social networking break up comes along, you won’t be the one ending up with the cool image. She had it first.

Chance of success: 5%

7. Tweet Travel Mega Tweeters From Every Country

This one can come across quite odd and the title could potentially misinterpret what could be a cool way to get your Twitter celebrity in place. Tweet Travel is when you analyze Twitter for the best and most famous tweeters from each and every country. It’s hard work and to make sure you get their attention is an even harder task to pull off. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a chance.

The ultimate goal is to connect with the biggest Twitter stars and to get them to know you by your first name. When the connections are made you will have a powerhouse of a following and the very first thing you tweet when all of those mega twitters are in place will probably trend in an instant.

But, and this is a huge but, the chances that you will connect with every mega twitterer is slim to none, so what you really should be considering is to connect with second grade twitter stars which will propel you one step at a time. Don’t get discouraged by the many fails you will encounter during your travels around the world. Stick to it and soon enough people will start noticing you.

Chance of success: 0.1%

8. Google Tweet Your Heart Out

This one is probably the most fun, however difficult, to accomplish. What you should do is to, in a non destructive way, plaster your tweet on any street/wall/location that you think the Google cars haven’t photographed yet. If you put it in the cameras immediate view, you can be sure to get some attention for the coolest tweet yet tweeted, thus it will rocket you into the hall of fame of Twitter geniuses.

As to my knowledge there hasn’t been anyone able to pull this one off just yet, will it be you? The trick is really to get the tweet seen, photographed and filed so that no one will be able to alter it. There have been a few occasions that similar things have been accomplished, but never a tweet. I immediately come to think about a certain “Missing Pixel” accomplishment where an Englishman managed to carve a big enough piece out of a lawn to make the satellites and the software handling the images think that a pixel was missing from the photo.

The attention was of course immediate and the photo and the name of the punk that did it was plastered all over every geek, tech and social media blog site on the Internet. Have patience and make sure to spice yourself with a bit of luck and the celebrity stardust could be applied on you.

Chance of success: 8%

9. Live Tweet A Reenactment Of An Ashton Kutcher Movie

Twitter has affected a lot of people and the leader of the cult is of course Ashton Kutcher with his 4,780,202 (as of 04/18-2010) followers, which when said out loud sounds nothing short of insane. Ashton has a unique and most impressive approach to Twitter which is probably the reason why so many people are following him. With 105 million Twitter users available, he’s been able to collect a really big chunk out of those to make things interesting.

What you should do is get a few serious followers of your own and set up a reenactment of one of his most rave reviewed movies and live tweet it until you guys hit the end credits. Soon you can be sure to get a bit of attention when Ashton, the man with the fan(s), shows you his approval by shooting out a burst of interference tweets to help spice up the action with legit and personal participation.

It is that kind of attention that will give you the opportunity to really shine. Make sure you do something creative with the attention at hand cause you can be sure the opportunity only comes around a few times. It’s not really Ashton’s attention that will make you a mega celebrity on Twitter, it’s your timing and the ultimate coolness of your personality that will determine your place in the celebrity Twitter club.

Chance of success: 3%

10. Do Something Actually Worth Tweeting

Alright, a few ideas have been thrown around and you probably know exactly which one would suite you the best. However, I would strongly suggest that you sit down, assess the current situation and set out on a course where you actually do something to make yourself deserve to be called a Twitter celebrity. There are far more interesting, meaningful and rewarding routes to take to reach your ultimate goal. Why not just follow your heart and never stop? Some of the biggest successes have been achieved by doing just that and only that.

Nothing is more powerful than following your own heart and believing in every step you take along the way. Unfortunately, it’s not customary in every household to think this way, but that shouldn’t stop you from simply doing that yourself. If you dream it, you can achieve it. It’s quite a simple equation.

Some people seem to think that things should be served on a platter for them just to say yes or no to, but life just doesn’t work like that. When you show the true you and what you are made of, you will see that things start to change and go your way.

So, my suggestion is to actually do something that is worth tweeting. Do something that shows who you are and the followers and fans will come. It’s all in your heart and head.

Chance of success: 100%