28 Best Sites To Buy Twitter Followers (From UK And USA)

Twitter was mainly used as an online social platform for people from different origins to meet and socialize. However, with the increased use of technology and increased internet coverage, social platforms such as Twitter are no longer acting as a socializing arena but as a marketing platform.

Whether startups or established, most corporations use marketing strategies to reach a vast number of people. They are increasing their online presence to create awareness of the goods and services.

The high number of Twitter users makes it the best media platform to enable corporations and firms to reach many people. Developing a solid presence isn’t easy. Creating unique content that attracts people may not help you gather the correct number of Twitter followers.  Currently, most firms and content creators buy Twitter followers to help increase their online platforms. Currently, TikTok followers are also in high demand as the platform is growing exponentially right now.

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Which Are The Most Reliable Sites For This Purpose?

This article provides an overview of some of the leading sites to develop the profile.

Characteristics of the service Total Score
Social Boss ●       10 – 20’000 followers packages

●       Clients’ reviews available

●       Payment with cryptocurrency available

●       2-30 days delivery time

●       30 days service guarantee

●       24/7 support available

●       Wishlist available





Socials Up ●       50 – 20’000 followers packages

●       Clients’ reviews available

●       Payment with cryptocurrency available

●       2-30 days delivery time

●       15 days service guarantee

●       24/7 support available

●       Wishlist available





Socials Grow ●       100 – 5’000 followers packages

●       Clients’ reviews available

●       Payment with cryptocurrency unavailable

●       2-15 days delivery time

●       30 days service guarantee

●       24/7 support available

●       Wishlist unavailable






1. Social Boss

SocialBoss is among the leading online platforms that help content creators and companies acquire several real Twitter followers. The firm’s main objective is to provide clients with top-notch services. Their rates are affordable, and companies or content creators who wish to increase their Twitter followers will only part with less than 6 USD for 100 active Twitter followers.

Content creators and corporations who need a huge following will pay up to 110 USD to get at least 5000 genuine Twitter followers. Depending on the subscription level, the company decides how much they pay the followers.

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SocialBoss provides clients with several payment channels. These payment options include Apple pay, credit cards, Google Pay, and various cryptocurrencies for those who use more convenient trading platforms. The site ensures that clients get more high-quality Twitter followers and enhance their marketing services.

An HTTPS encryption technology protects the client’s information. One can also choose to opt-out any time they wish. Various reviews on the official website indicate that SocialBoss provides clients with active Twitter followers. The active followers ensure that the count does not fall or lead to the termination of your account.

2. Socials Up

Socials Up employ the most straightforward approaches to allow clients to purchase a fan base. Clients can filter the packages to the point that meets their demands. One can purchase as low as 100 Twitter followers to an unlimited number of more than 10,000 followers.

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Socials Up give clients active Twitter followers that will not drop off any time soon. Once clients make their request and pay, it takes less than two days to meet the client’s demand. The waiting period depends on the number of followers requested. In addition, the site provides highly secure payment channels that protect clients’ details from hackers.

Their customer service is always ready to offer immediate assistance to clients having problems. They provide real followers at a cheaper option, making clients save more and boosting their marketing strategy. They also offer organic followers who are never going to drop off. The site also has a guarantee of budget return which helps build trust among their clients.

3. Socials Grow

Acquiring real Twitter followers should be a cheaper phenomenon. When Twitter was launched, people were able to view all posts due to low traffic. However, with an increased number of Twitter users, it doesn’t easily reach a vast number of people by posting. Socials Grow some of the cheapest packages to enable clients to get a massive following on Twitter.

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Currently, Socials Grow charges $4 for every 100 followers. For $94, one can get up to 500 real Twitter followers. Placing an order on the site is one of the most straightforward tasks. One needs to select the package of choice and provide account details.

Once you complete this process, submit the request and use your official email address to confirm the process. Information provided on the site is not shared with third parties. The site uses a highly secured platform to ensure that all the information is safe.

4. Socialwick

Socialwick not only works to increase Twitter followers but also ensures organic growth in other social media accounts. It provides 24-hour customer support and a free refill if one of the followers opts to drop out within the first month.

Several positive reviews on the company’s website indicate that customer satisfaction is one of their main objectives. The site uses a highly secured payment channel to prevent unauthorized access from third parties—none of the data provided on Socialwick leaks outside the platform.

5. Instafollowers

It is the best option for those with minimal time to purchase social fans. The platform simplifies the overall process making it easy for clients to gain more Twitter followers quickly. It also offers fans for social platforms such as Twitter.

They also charge a much fair price. For only 26.91 USD, you get 500 active followers on Twitter. For 2500 followers, you are only required to deposit $89.78. The process is easy, and one only needs to select the desired package and provide their account details. Delivery is done between one to twenty days, depending on the number of followers purchased.

6. GetViral

The online company has been in existence for more than seven years. It is one of the leading companies to order a fan base. All their services are authentic and aim at providing real engagement. The site gives you active followers who will engage in your tweets.

The website has a refund policy if it fails to deliver according to your needs. You can increase your followers with prices as low as 2.99 USD. Clients can also customize their orders, and delivery begins within hours after placing the order.

7. Twiends

This is a unique media marketing platform that assists individuals purchase followers and increasing Twitter engagement. It provides free services to clients and promotes Twitter accounts to real followers. It achieves its objectives by segmenting members into various directories with Twitter users of similar characteristics.

It also separates clients based on their origin and allows people to utilize other growth sites to increase their visibility depending on their wishes. However, offering free services makes the delivery process slow.

8. SubscriberZ

The website is one of the latest companies that aim to meet all your media marketing needs. Apart from increasing the number of followers, it also delivers social signals such as comments, shares, tweets, and likes. They ensure organic growth to protect your account from being terminated. They engage in safe practices set by different marketplaces.

9. Boostlikes

It is the best site for those who wish to customize their packages according to their budget. It improves your strategies by ensuring the safe delivery of authentic followers.  The site provides several payment channels such as PayPal and credit cards.

You can choose between one-time purchases or a monthly rate payment when using the site. All purchases made are permanent, and you can request refills if some of them drop. Clients are covered with a money-back guarantee to request a refund in case the company fails to deliver.

10. Famups

Famups is one of the best options for people struggling to gain Twitter followers.  The company delivers within five days after making your order. Unlike other companies, Famups does not ask for your Twitter username and password.

It ensures that you get the maximum number of followers you pay for without following others. They have a live chat feature that allows you to contact their customer service department in real-time. Their numerous payment channels provide several options for clients to choose from.

11. Paysocialmedia

The service is a high-profile platform where clients can buy active Twitter followers, which provides clients with numerous payment channels such as MasterCard, visa, American Express, and bitcoin. It has one of the best customer service teams.

You can quickly contact them through different media pages. It offers low prices for the fan base; with only 8 dollars, you get an average of 100 followers. Clients can also choose to split the number of followers up to ten times, with each profile having a minimum of 500 followers.

12. Viplikes

Viplikes is a specialized company that provides customers with all the necessary incentives to increase social pages. The service has been operating for more than 9 years and has established itself as one of the best online services in terms of fast and easy online promotion. It has a lot of positive reviews and an excellent rating.

Here you can buy real USA Twitter followers. This means that all subscribers are real people who cooperate with the provider on mutually beneficial terms. The main principle of the company is only real and genuine interactions. Despite this, the prices are quite low – you need only $2.99 to get 50 real fans from the USA. All packages are guaranteed. If something goes wrong, the company will refund your money or add new subscribers for free.

The service has several payment options for users from all over the world, and they also don’t store their customers’ data, all payments are classified. A 24-hour live chat of customer support is available on the site; managers will instantly answer all questions and consult in real time.

13. Viralyft

One of the best features about viralyft is that it provides clients with real active fans and works to help clients grow their Twitter pages. Viralyft focuses on Twitter pages and does not assist with other social accounts. Due to its specialization, it offers the best services to its clients.

This level of focus gives the online company an added advantage compared to other companies. It makes them the highest-rated sellers of real active fans. They provide clients with high-quality followers promising clients organic Twitter growth hence maintaining a good reputation.

14. Social Packages

According to the reviews on the official website, it is best to say that Social Packages is one of the Twitter followers’ vendors that provide high-quality services with fast delivery. They also deal with real and active Twitter subscribers who have real accounts.

Their customer care service is available throughout the day and offers an immediate replacement for subscribers who drop out. Purchasing followers from the site is quite simple since you only need to select the package and click on the Buy Now button. Their prices are as low as 7 USD for 100 followers.  Clients don’t need to surrender their account details to get followers.

15. StormLikes

StormLikes does not only ensure that you get real friends but also helps boost your profile. It helps clients reduce worries about attracting the correct audience. After selecting your most preferred package, they assure you that you can provide your Twitter account details to help boost your Twitter engagement levels.

The company’s reputation rapidly increases, placing it in a favorable position in the industry. It also offers services to other accounts apart from Twitter. They have a highly secured platform that prevents unauthorized access from third parties.

16. SidesMedia

It offers a unique concept for buying Twitter followers, increasing trust among clients. In this industry, trust is a significant component of the success of any company. Most companies in the industry have nothing unique to help increase the client’s trust level.

The company has been in operation for the longest time, which helps build its public image. The site is full of positive feedback, which increases the trust levels. The company provides fast and quality delivery.

17. SocialViral

It provides more than adding Twitter followers to your account. They perform their activities in more unique ways compared to several other firms. They also offer services to other accounts rather than Twitter.

The company offers full assurance to meet the client’s needs by offering real Twitter followers. They have flexible Twitter followers packages that allow clients to purchase Twitter followers according to their budget.

18. Red Social

The service is one of the longest-serving companies in the field. They are well equipped with a suitable knowledge base due to their high experience levels. It provides the clients with a good working environment and assists with other services regardless of the level, whether established or a startup.

The company only deals with real Twitter funds and provides the support you need regarding your Twitter account. They offer quick delivery to clients, and results are visible immediately after payment.

It has a sound customer support system that provides help regardless of the time. They also have a live chat which allows clients to speak directly to the customer care service. The idea to buy Twitter followers here seems to be great.

19. AudienceGain

This company was formed in 2015. Even with its few years of existence, the company has grown tremendously fast. It is the real deal for companies and content creators who want to get value from their Twitter accounts. The highest selling point of this account is that it does not give fake accounts but only deals with real followers.

Clients are required to provide their account username and password. These details are stored under a highly secured platform to prevent access by hackers. They also offer several ways to pay such as credit cards and PayPal.

Clients using this platform are assured of a full budget return. The company is ready to refund the money if it fails to deliver according to the client’s needs. In addition to good customer care service and affordable pricing, it ensures that you achieve long-term economic growth.

20. Twesocial

It is among the top websites that will help you gain subscribers. They have been in the field for a long time hence have a vast year of experience in the industry. They are aware of the tips and tricks to help you grow your Twitter account. The company explains to clients the importance of increasing the number of Twitter followers.

They do not deal with fake followers who will not offer any value to your business account. Their main objective is to offer Twitter optimization to a high standard that most of your audience will like. They provide quality services at a lower price and ensure that they give you real followers up to the last minute.

21. Mediamister

This online company suits the needs of everyone regardless of their level or type of business. They have several Twitter packages that suit all the needs of their clients. Their smallest package delivers about 50 followers for 1-3 days. One positive aspect of the site is that it provides real targeted followers on social accounts and active fans.

Payment through the site can be made through multiple channels, including credit cards. The company also accepts cryptocurrencies for those who love trading through more convenient channels.

They have a supportive customer care service ready to offer assistance to solve all your problems when you buy Twitter followers. However, the customer care service is only available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on weekends.

22. Appsally

It does help increase the number of Twitter followers and helps out with other engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and retweets. One can opt to purchase each metric as separate packages or as a bundle if you aim to provide your Twitter account with a real boost.

Transactions conducted through the site are highly secured. The company accepts bitcoins, credit cards, and PayPal as modes of payment. They have one of the best refund policies, and clients can ask for a refund if their needs are not met. It also provides free refills if some of the fans drop out.

23. Tweeteev

This is a dedicated online company that only serves the interest of Twitter account holders. They only have two plans, including the standard plan priced at $15 weekly and the Turbo plan at $25 per week. Both of these plans aim at providing real followers to your Twitter handle. The turbo plan doubles the growth rate and puts you in a position to receive customer service at any time.

One top feature about the site is it provides you with a questionnaire to help you customize all your needs so that they can deliver according to your request. After filling the questionnaire, one of their staff will get in touch to fully understand your needs and provide payment procedures.

Other attributes associated with the site use advanced targeting services such as hashtags and other tools to bring the correct audience into your Twitter account. Tweeteev aims at providing organic Twitter growth with fully secure payment options.

24. Famoid

The service’s main objective is to simplify getting more Twitter followers. The company understands the complexity of achieving tremendous Twitter growth hence creating new tricks and tips to help gain more active Twitter fands within a short period.

Famoid does not only deal with Twitter but also other platforms. Their delivery period is short, and they offer all-day-round support. The company has several secure payment options that protect clients’ details from unauthorized access.

25. Social Shop

The company offers meager prices on their services. In addition, they also ensure fast delivery; hence one does not need to wait for long periods to gain Twitter followers. The followers they offer have a high retention rate and will not drop out any time. It also increases your social network presence by helping with other media accounts. They have a dedicated email address where you can contact the customer care department.

26. Fastlykke

Similar to Famoid, it has several positive testimonials on its official website. Their prices may be a bit expensive, but they offer quality services to their clients that match the cost. To buy Twitter followers from the company will never drop out after following you. It delivers within the shortest period assisting you in enhancing your social strategies.

One of the best things about the service is that it allows clients to split fans between different accounts. Information given to the site is fully protected using a highly secured protocol. Their customer care service is available throughout the day and is ready to offer immediate assistance to all your problems.

27. Venium

One additional advantage of service is to ensure that clients enter Twitter’s hall of fame. They achieve it by increasing the number of followers and other metrics such as likes and retweets. They offer some of the cheapest services to get 100 followers for only$2.99. Clients do not need to give out their passwords to complete the task. They have a lifetime guarantee to replace any follower who might drop out regardless of the time.

28. Global Like

It provides quality services at an affordable price. For only 40 USD, you get 5000 Twitter followers with a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver as per your expectations. Followers who drop off are replaced immediately. However, the only disadvantage about Global Like is that the replacement option only lasts for 30 days, after which you will have to pay to get more followers.

29. Zeru.com

The site claims it delivers as soon as you make the first payment. Several reviews on the official website can help back up this claim. Results are evident within minutes after placing your order. The site is open about all its operations, and you are free to leave any time.

The site provides a free trial which you can use to gauge their services before making any payment. Their customer care team is dedicated to serving and solving all your problems. It delivers real followers with a high retention rate.

Considerations To Put In Place When Choosing Where To Buy Twitter Followers

It is essential to consider the following factors before entering into a contract with any company to avoid losing money.

Security Level Of the Company

Companies that offer highly secured platforms for clients to enter their details will always offer real followers. Companies with fake accounts do not secure their accounts, leaving your information vulnerable to unauthorized access by third parties.  Most web browsers will warn you of entering an unsecured account.

Customer Care Support

The best companies have a 24-hour customer care service with several contact options which will offer the required assistance to solve all problems regarding your Twitter account. They should offer a quick response to queries. You can gauge their response time by emailing them and seeing how long they take to respond.

Payment Options

Companies with several secure payment channels are more effective since they make it easy to make a direct payment without incurring a lot of money transfer charges.

Pricing Details

Always check the prices before getting into an agreement with any company. Some companies are not open about all their fees and reveal some only after getting into the contract. Good companies will always show their charges on their official website and what the money caters for. It will help you to plan according to your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Real Twitter Followers?

Yes. One can buy real Twitter followers. Companies and content creators have done this in the past to increase their target audience. It helps to improve engagement levels since the bought followers will constantly interact with your posts by sharing and liking.

How Do You Get Genuine Followers On Twitter?

You can get genuine Twitter followers by purchasing from the right company. This article provides the best 28 genuine companies to purchase Twitter followers.  Before getting into any contract, go through reviews from different clients to determine the best company to work with.

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

Buying Twitter followers helps to promote and increase your brand. Making the fan base wider can take too long. The order places you in a better position to compete fairly with other similar businesses. Twitter is converting the competition’s nature, making it essential to gain Twitter fans to help you create a more reputable company.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Followers On Twitter?

Most companies’ rate follows a Cost per follower to determine the charges. Most companies display prices on their website. The average cost for Twitter followers is $10 for 1000 followers.

Is It Illegal To Purchase Twitter Subscribers?

Buying Twitter followers is legal and acceptable. Problems only arise when you purchase Twitter followers who fail to engage in most of your posts. It is the main reason you should acquire Twitter followers from well-established companies. Low engagement can raise suspicion, leading to the termination of your Twitter account.

How Will It Grow My Followers?

Companies use tactics to increase the number of Twitter followers. However, most of these companies follow a similar procedure that is easy to follow. The steps include

  • Selecting the most convenient package according to your needs
  • Head to the checkout page, provide some information such as account details. You may need to provide more details for organic growth services and even personal information.
  • Organic growth service givers will engage in numerous activities on behalf of your account to reach the maximum audience.

What Should We Do To Find The Best?

There are several considerations one can put in place to find the best companies. Some of these factors include:

  1. Pricing
  2. Security level
  3. Customer care support level
  4. Payment options

How Many Twitter Followers Do You Need To Get Verified?

There is no specified number of followers for your account to get Twitter verification. Several other reasons determine the verification of your Twitter account.

Main Thoughts

Currently, there are several online companies from which you can buy Twitter followers. However, not all these companies will provide you with friends. Some will fill your list with fake accounts making your account vulnerable to termination from Twitter.

Before entering into any contract, ensure that you utilize the free trials to gauge the level of service and learn more about their plans. Ordering the fan base has some downsides but at the same time has several benefits. Having a massive number of followers increases the chances of advertisers picking your account to market their products.

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