3 Things You Can Do To Optimize Your Experience On Twitter

Twitter is different than any other social media site for various reasons. There are only so many ways you can optimize your experience on Twitter since you only have 140 characters to get your point across, sell yourself, and make others relate to you. If it is your first time tweeting, you want others to find you engaging, informative and worth the follow, right?

Even if you are a frequent Twitter user, you must find ways to hold your audience’s attention, be social media savvy, gain their follow and keep it. So, what are some ways you can optimize your experience on Twitter? These are the three tried and true ways that have worked for me during the three years I have been using Twitter.

1. Engage

This point cannot be expressed enough. If you only tweet links, quotes or your brand all day long, you aren’t using Twitter to its full potential. Make sure to tweet to others by mentioning them and responding to their tweets. You will be rewarded with a great following network of friends who will engage with you as well.

2. Retweet The Retweetable

Often people don’t realize how important it is to retweet other people’s tweets. This is how you show others who you are interested in, and what they have to say. If you retweet others often, you will find those same people retweeting you before long. Retweeting others is how you show kindness on Twitter. This will help you gain the respect and appreciation of your Twitter followers.

3. Be Retweetable Yourself

It is only obvious that if you want to engage and interact with others, you must tweet things that people who follow you find interesting. In order to become retweetable, make sure you offer advice, connections and links that are important to the people who you want to follow you.

In my opinion, Twitter is the best social networking site out there. Optimizing your Twitter experience just takes some time and effort. Whether you use Twitter for business networking or friendship, your kindness on social media goes a long way to make your Twitter account whatever you hope it to be.


Image Credit: [sebreg / deviantART]