3 Tips To Help You Compose The Perfect Tweet

It seems simple enough when you log on. You have 140 characters to structure a tweet. You can type anything you want, and everyone who follows you will see it in their timelines. But what is the perfect tweet? How do you get people to care about what you have to say? If you are the kind of Twitter user who continues to tweet about what you had for breakfast today, you likely don’t have very many followers. Most people (your family excluded of course) don’t care what you ate today, they want to see something interesting coming across their timeline.

With over 100 million active Twitter users to date, structuring the perfect tweet seems like something you might want to know a thing or two about. Am I right? Don’t you want to get recognized, noticed, and even retweeted once in awhile? If you do, you need to know what makes up the perfect tweet. Here are some guidelines I like to follow when tweeting.

1. Always Know Your Audience

Who follows you and who you follow is important when knowing what to tweet. If you are a writer, you could tweet about interesting blogs about writing or author news. This will maximize your creditability with your audience. However, if you follow people who like quotes or news, you would most likely get the most retweets from these types of tweets. The key is to know who follows you and who you follow.

2. Use Hashtags Correctly

Twitter is well known for the hashtags on tweets. You can track what is popular or what tweets you want to see in your timeline by entering the hashtag and Twitter will search through all recent tweets to let you know whats being said about that particular subject at that very moment. Proper use of hashtags is important in order to gain people’s attention. Putting #socialmedia in your tweet, for example, will show your followers that your tweet is about this subject. When the hashtag is not overused in tweets, it comes in very handy to gain your audience’s attention.

3. Use Proper English

Although we have all finished grammar school (for the most part) and know our grammar well, sometimes I see tweets which show me the opposite is true of some people. It’s important to take the time with every tweet to check your spelling and grammar. Perfect English is not essential, but common grammar mistakes or misspelled words will not get you retweeted, and you won’t earn the respect of many of your followers. So think before you tweet.

These simple guidelines to form the perfect tweet should help you gain a better understanding about how Twitter works, and what is important to remember when tweeting. These few extra steps will help you amplify your Twitter experience, and make you more popular amongst your Twitter friends as well. Happy Tweeting!

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Image Credit: [Squidoo]