4 Social Media Marketing Tools For The Summer

Summer is the best time to step up your social media game. Here are four ideas that you can use to drive traffic to your Woocommerce page and increase sales during the hotter months. Summer is the time to be out in the sun, take a break from work and travel the world.

But have you really been traveling if you didn’t share anything about it on social media? Many millennials would answer this question with a ‘no’. Nowadays, summer means for most people that their social media usage increases as they want to share their beautiful holiday pictures with friends and family.

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If you are an entrepreneur, who is running e-commerce, you simply have to take advantage of the fact that everyone is on social media during these months and drive traffic from the social media pages to your web store.

But before we get to the social media tips, you should make sure that your website is optimized for mobile usage, as that increases during summer when people are out of the office and away from their computers.

Furthermore, you should use these quieter months during summer to implement new features, such as a bot for customer communications or software that takes care of your woocommerce inventory so you are not running out of stock.

1. Get Some Engagement

How? By creating some summer-themed content. Therefore, you should try to use as much user-generated content as possible as that gets more attention, leads to more engagement and, last but not least, drives sales.

For example: you could raise the question of which three objects your users would take on a holiday. Or you ask them to post their best summer-themed selfie. Always make sure that participating is fun and easy for your followers.

2. Update Your Page For Summer

When was the last time you changed the cover photo or profile picture of your page? If you have to think about it, you probably haven’t done it recently enough. Your whole page should reflect the current season and make your followers feel good when looking at it.

3. Take Your Product Outside

Promoting your product might not always be easy on social media, as it has to be creative, engaging and unique to get attention from the users. During summer, you should focus on posting pictures with your product outside of the office.

Show that your company has some fun in the sun and sell that lifestyle to your followers. Posts that come with pictures or a short video are usually more engaging and perform better. But remember that the photo content you share should be of good quality, especially for Instagram.

4. Do A Live Video On Facebook

The last years have shown that pages that use live videos reach more followers in general and livestreams are therefore a powerful marketing tool for your company. If you haven’t been live on Facebook yet, you should definitely do it! Before you get started, it is important that you plan your Livestream and practice it in advance. Choose a topic that is engaging and remember to be yourself while doing the video.

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