5 Benefits of Leaving a Constructive Comment on a Blog

Blogging or starting a blog is no walk in the park. A writer puts in a lot of effort to make sure that what he or she writes about is something that is useful to his or her readers.  Most of the bloggers I know would love to hear from their readers. They want to get their reader’s feedback. On my article 5 Reasons Why You Should Comment on Blog Posts (which, by the way, has over 100 comments already), you will notice that the article pointed out the simple things you miss out on when you do not leave a comment.

This is a follow up to that article. This time I would like to point out the benefits of making your comment creative and constructive.  Most of the time people just leave simple comments, or do it to get a backlink to their own page, and that is just fine. However, did you know that by leaving a meatier or more relevant comment you are able to achieve much much more?

1. Engagement is deepened – Blogging is a social platform that allows a community to share their views, their experiences and their thoughts.  Take advantage of the freedom to build a relationship with the writer. Use that medium to converse with your favorite writer.

2. It’s your chance to have your voice and opinion heard – You may agree or disagree with the writer. Give your points on why you do so. This is most helpful for those who do not have a blog, but would still like to be heard and their opinions counted.

3. You inspire the writer – Sometimes people ask me where I get my energy or what inspired me to write a certain article.  My answer is always the same. I get it from the inspiration and the feedback from the people who leave comments on my articles. I am truly humbled when I see that the posts are useful and are used by many to help others.

4. You teach others – I love it when the feedback includes their experiences and the tools that can help others on a particular topic. We may not be able to put everything in one post, but with the help of the community, more and more information is shared. I think that is truly precious.

5. Your own creativity is enhanced – By thinking about your response or your comment to an article, it allows you to be creative. It is always great to share insights that you yourself have experienced.

Feedback is important, but a constructive comment will benefit a reader and writer more.  What do you think?

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