5 Fastest Methods To Increase YouTube Engagement

It is a well-known fact that video marketing on YouTube has become a crucial apparatus in both social and business communication. Videos are being shared MUCH more than blog posts, pictures, and infographics.

So if you are or aspire to be a successful YouTuber, it is fundamental that you increase engagement and drive traffic to your YouTube channel. In this post, we will present you with five of the fastest methods to increase engagement on YouTube.

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Be Like A Friend To Your Audience

When you are recording your videos, always keep in mind that you are catering to several individuals with several different mindsets. Your content needs to be respectful towards all and you should also form a connection with each one of your viewers. Treat engagement online like a discussion that you’re having with a friend. Even though they will most likely be unable to communicate with you, converse with them as though they were.

  • Make your words understood, straightforward and comprehendible
  • If you’re recording tutorials, your script should clearly mention all the steps and tips
  • There’s got to be some humor involved when two friends are having a conversation, treat your video as a conversation and add humor wherever possible
  • Summarize your video by enhancing key points

These steps are bound to help you increase engagement on YouTube.

You’ve Got To Nail The Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail is definitely the key deciding variable that influences your viewer’s decision of watching your video. To create an interesting thumbnail, don’t simply go for a still from your video unless it is extremely interesting.

You ought to redo your thumbnails to make sure there’s an understood, solid picture that gives your potential viewers an idea of what your video is about. Nearly 90% of YouTube’s best-performing videos have custom thumbnails.

A couple of tips to make incredible thumbnails:

  • Add text: Bold fonts and intriguing phrases will help you increase engagement on YouTube.
  • Make use of the Rule of Thirds: When creating the image, make sure that there are four focal points that will instantly capture the viewer’s gaze.
  • Use the correct tools to design your thumbnails: If you are a pro, you can go for Photoshop or Illustrator, if not Canva has some interesting pre-made templates you can use.

Participate In Trends But Wisely

Trending challenges on YouTube are highly engaging content for your viewers. Participating in these not only gives some hilarious content to your viewers but it will also help you increase engagement on YouTube along with creating brand awareness.

Should you hop on to every trending bandwagon that you see? No! Always analyze if a particular challenge has any relation to your brand or can benefit it in any way.

For example, if you are a travel blogger then doing a “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” is not going to help you at all.

So make sure you choose to do challenges which are:

  • Beneficial to your brand; and
  • Appealing to your audience and something they would want to see you do.

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Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Be it newsletters, podcasts, or even TikToks, one of the sure-shot methods of gaining more engagement and increasing exposure is through collaborating with content creators who are in the same field as you.

All things considered, loyal subscribers trust the YouTubers that they subscribe to, hence they will also trust anyone they collaborate with. So if you collaborate with a YouTuber who has a loyal subscriber base, your brand’s authenticity will be legitimized in their eyes instantly. Even if they had no idea of your existence earlier! To get more genuine subscribers, you can also make use of some of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

However, you shouldn’t just go and create content with anybody. Try to approach YouTubers who are at your level or higher, and create content revolving around the same ideas as you.

Actively Encourage Your Viewers to Like, Share, And Comment

If you show your viewers that their engagement with you matters to you and your channel, your viewers would be much eager to like, share, and comment on your video. Everyone on the internet has something to say in the form of reviews, questions, or even criticism. And these are all ways of increasing engagement on YouTube.

There’s no harm in explicitly asking your viewers to share their opinions with you. You can simply let your viewers know how much their likes, shares, and comments would mean to you. This approach will take you places on YouTube.

Asking for likes, shares, and comments at least twice, in the beginning, and at the end of your video, is generally more than enough.


Always keep in mind that these hacks are not the only things that will get you YouTube success. You will have to continue putting in hard work and keep up your spirits throughout as some online trolls can be quite discouraging as well. You’ve just gotta brave your way through it!

You can also utilize some of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers. Now that we have equipped you with these priceless hacks, you can be on your way to being a YouTube sensation.

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