5 Kinds Of Twitter Hugs & What They Reveal About You

Hugs are one of those fun things in life that mean different things to different people. For some, a hug is nothing more than a very nice hello or goodbye. For others, a hug can be a sign of affection and love. At times, a hug is full of chemistry and attraction. Other times, it’s simply comforting and secure, like a grandma baking cookies.

If you are on Twitter all day every day like I am, you are well aware that hugs are very welcome there, and they flow in abundance. Have you ever thought about what kind of online hugs you give and what that says about your personality?

Just like in person, when you give Twitter hugs, it portrays a message. I’m going to explain the different kinds of Twitter hugs and what they mean. If you are new on Twitter or new to Bit Rebels, and if you don’t know that I constantly joke around, I just want to assure you that this is truly all in good fun. There is no need to evaluate your Twitter hugging strategy based on what this article says.

1. The Friendly Twitter Hug
Twitter Symbol: ~hugs~

A friendly Twitter hug is often used as a way to say, “Hey, I notice you and I want you to know it.” or “Thank you for your retweets and support.” It is simply a kind gesture, and it typically gives the receiver a warm and fuzzy feeling. Those hugs are full of smiles and happiness, and they often encourage more online engagement. In some cases, they can be the start of a Twitter friendship.

Kinds of Twitter Hugs

2. The “I’ve missed you” Twitter Hug
Twitter Symbol: (((Hugs)))

This Twitter hug is usually exchanged between people who haven’t tweeted in a while, and they want to send a big ‘ol hello. This is a special Twitter hug because it’s full of sincerity and kindness. It’s a way to tell the other person, “I’ve been crazy busy, but I’ve still been thinking about you and wishing you well!” My friend @HowellMarketing is really good at sending these hugs if we’ve gone a week or so without tweeting. I always enjoy getting them from her. It’s a fast and easy way to send a little love to someone you’ve missed on Twitter.

Kinds of Twitter Hugs

3. The “I’m Twitter Crushing on You” Hug
Twitter Symbol: *Hugs*

Usually hugs with asterisks on Twitter imply a little something more than just a fun hug. This is typically known as the “oh baby” hug. Translation – “I wish you were here right now because I reeeeeeeeally want to hug you.” This type of hug is many times playfully exchanged between a guy and girl who are just flirting or having fun. One of them may have an innocent little Twitter crush on the other one. I think these hugs are especially fun to get, and they always make me smile really big. However, just like in our offline lives, these kind of hugs can feel awkward if they come from someone you don’t really know.

Kinds of Twitter Hugs

4. The Twitter Group Hug
Twitter Symbol: (((Group Hug)))

This is one of my favorite kinds of Twitter hugs. Twitter is a place where a lot of love and kindness is shared, and the group hug sends a special message. It’s a hug of acceptance. Everyone is included, no questions asked. I’ve seen people tweet, “It’s a ((Group Hug)) get in!” And people everywhere retweet it to invite others to join. There are a lot of people online that are very lonely, and you may never realize how special a hug like that can be for a complete stranger. I’m a big fan of the Twitter group hug.

Kinds of Twitter Hugs

5. The “I’m happy and I’m just spreading Twitter joy” Hug
Twitter Symbol: :) Hugs xoxo (or a variation of this)

This Twitter hug is easily recognizable because it is accompanied by a smiley face and some Xs and Os. These tweets are usually sent by happy people who are simply spreading joy in the Twitterverse. There is no agenda or meaning other than just bringing a smile to the face of others. (Note: Some people won’t send these hugs because they think they are too Pollyanna. I call those people grumpy.) Although I like all of these Twitter hugs, this one is my number one favorite because it just feels so darn good.

Kinds of Twitter Hugs

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