50 Clever, Hilarious and Geeky Twitter T-Shirts

It’s amazing what Twitter has achieved in its short lifetime so far. Just the mere fact that it keeps on growing and growing without any signs of stopping is, to me, just incredible. I have found that Twitter is one of the most effective and interesting social networking platforms available and the learning curve and response is just unprecedented. You can just sign up for an account and start declaring to the world exactly who you are and what you are doing. Nothing else is needed. No need to learn cluttered interfaces, cranky rules and mangled and timely submission routines. It’s pretty much the only place where you can put your text and submit it. It’s that simple!

Twitter is also the source of a highly evolved new vocabulary and a ton of new words and abbreviations like “Retweet,” “DM,” “RT,” etc… There’s really no end to how much new “culture” Twitter has brought us. This, of course, brings the jokers on Twitter to explore the potential for money making from getting their best ideas inked on a T-Shirt.

It is easy to get addicted to Twitter and that makes it much easier for people to get offended if you attack their favorite social networking service, and therefore, it’s a great target for pranksters that want to be seen and heard. Personally, I think all things get better with a joke. Things do not have to be as serious as people always tend to think. For us here on Bit Rebels, for example, it’s all about having fun. The day we no longer have fun is the day you will wake up, eat your breakfast and hurry to check out all the new articles on Bit Rebels only to find a “We’re Out Of Fun” sign plastered on the screen when you attempt to enter the site. But no worries, we’re far from it right now… and I expect it to be a good while before that happens. We love our work and the only reason why it would stop being fun is if the Internet runs out of good, fun and interesting stuff to write about.

I took the time to round up the 50 most hilarious and geekiest t-shirts all about Twitter, and believe me when I say I found some really great ones. If you want to get any of these, just enter the wordings on the t-shirt into Google and click search and you will most likely get a hit or two where to buy them. Now, to bring on the awesomeness…

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