5 Reasons To Participate In Twitter Chats

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms because it is simple to use, and we get information fast. There are people we can connect with 24/7. Since I’ve been on Twitter for almost 3 years now, I’ve noticed a difference in how the site is being used by the community. I remember back when we only sent links of information. Conversations back then were minimal, and retweeting was not yet the norm. Twitter has evolved, and it has become a great tool for communicating and learning.

Conversation is so important on Twitter. Did you know that aside from the one-on-one conversation, there is also a bigger conversation you can join if you participate in Twitter chats? What is a Twitter chat? It’s a platform wherein two or more people organize a conversation based on a topic or a theme. A hashtag is used so that people can view the participant’s interactions, questions and answers which are being discussed. I have joined several Twitter chats in the past, and I have enjoyed it very much. I follow friends who have organized thought-provoking topics relevant to my interests. If you have not participated in a Twitter chat yet, here are 5 reasons why you should try it at least once.

1. Your opinion will be heard – Twitter chats allow you to voice your opinion on different topics. Just follow the hashtag of a particular chat that interests you, watch for the questions asked, and send a reply tweet with the hashtag. Most chats are also documented, so if you participate, people will also learn from you that way. Your opinion will definitely be heard.

2. You will learn from people who have more experience than you – Most people who start the chats have vast knowledge on the topic being discussed. Joining chats will enable you to learn from the experts in that particular field.

3. You will gain friends – Most chats are informal, and you will notice that they are people you have seen in your Twitter stream for quite some time but have not had the chance to interact with very much. By joining the chat, you get to interact with people in a deeper conversation and have fun in the process too. The best part is that if you continue the conversation even after the chat, you will gain more friends in the process.

Listening in on conversation

4. You will gain insight on topics far beyond what you can read online – I always believe that experience is the best teacher. People are encouraged to share their personal experiences when they respond to questions in Twitter chats.

5. You can use it as a poll – Aside from joining chats, you can organize one too. Use it as a personal or business tool to get opinions from people you interact with everyday. Get their views, share with their experiences, and get valuable insight on topics relevant to your brand or personal endeavors.

I encourage you to try it. Here are some of the chats that have been put together by my friends on Twitter. #CMchat “Where Country Music Meets YOU” is the first and only registered LIVE “Country Music Chat” on Twitter. It is hosted by social media Twitterati @JessicaNorthey. Each week #CMchat has different topics like getting an album played on radio, social media strategy, and of course getting the inside scoop from country music musicians, radio personalities, radio and label executives and fans alike! This community in an open-forum, and you are always invited to come chit-chat on twitter with country music’s best!

Another chat is the #FitStudio chat with various fitstudio bloggers as guests hosts, among them @joycecherrier .  FitStudio hosts a dynamic weekly chat each Wednesday night  from 7:30-8:30pm CST on Twitter. Topics vary, but they always include an element of health and fitness while incorporating a support community. Every week there is a new chat “sponsor” or leader who brings their unique perspective to the FitStudio community. They are always open to new ideas and product offerings. Perhaps you have a new product coming out, and you’d like them to feature it with a giveaway. Feel free to invite your followers to join in these fun chats! 

Another interesting one is hosted by @LeoWid called #ToolsChat. They discuss how you can make the most of Twitter with various Twitter tools. These are just a few examples of chats you can join. If you have been active in a Twitter chat, maybe you will share which one with us and our readers. We would love to hear from you!

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